Swing Style Drum Lessons


Swing Style Drum Lessons

Swing Style Drum Lessons – Spirit Music Meet-Ups



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Swing Style Drum Lessons:



In the following Drum Charts, keep the top-line Right-Hand Swing Pattern going and at first count the bottom-line loudly, then bring in some of them with the Left-Hand on the Snare Drum and/or Tom-toms until you can bring them all in without messing up the Up-on-1 & 3 and Down-on-the-2 & 4 RH swing motion.  Let the momentum of the “Down” help you to ‘skip like a flat rock across a pond’ on the Lazy-A’s into the 1 & 3.  The entire RH motion can sway like a swing-set, but better yet, make the whole pattern as parts of a circle so that you can take advantage of the free energy of momentum and eliminate the stop-start energy-draining force of inertia problem with straight-lines!  Reverse all of this if you are Left-Handed.  You can also play the bottom-line with the Bass Drum or variously split the rhythm between the Snare/Toms and Bass as I show in the PDF Comping Patterns further below.





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PDF:  Comping Patterns


PDF:  Using Linear Stick-Control patterns for Comping


Video – Easy Groove – Slow Jazz-Swing Drum-Set Comping on Snare & Bass Drum with Zeke Para on guitar


Video Playlist:  Drum Metronome Loops for Swing Rhythm


Video:  Older Jazz – Louis Armstrong’s ‘Dream a Little Dream’


Video:  Older Jazz – Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington’s ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing’


Video:  Older Jazz – Sam Cooke’s ‘Twistin’ The Night Away’


Video:  Modern Swing – The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s ‘Jump Jive An’ Wail’


Video:  Creole Jazz – Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band’s ‘Tin Roof Blues’


Video:  Gospel Swing – LaVer Baker’s ‘On Revival Day’


Video:  New Orlean’s Swing – Viper’s ‘Dixieland’


Video:  Rock swing style – Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’


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