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Video: Prayers of forgiveness over judgment


Prayers of forgiveness over judgment



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  • Father, work in me Your gracious kindness so that I no longer ‘point a critical finger’ to separate others to the left or right like a judge that would accuse or excuse them.  Amen!


  • Father, keep me as far away from the old covenant and its ‘Law of sin and death’ as Your unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace and unconditional-love can take me.  I want nothing to do with its critical, separating judgment, merit-based, conditional-favor that only adds fuel for the flesh and Satan to multiply sin, including judging and not forgiving others.  Amen!


  • Father, I rely on Your strength to do for others what You have done for me through Christ – to blot out their trespasses of ___, throwing away the record of their sin, no longer holding it against them or even remembering it, and therefore rooting out the sin of judgment and unforgiveness.  Amen!


  • Father, I rely on You to also no longer want ‘the book thrown at them,’ but instead I ‘cast my cares upon You’ about their sin ___, committing it to Your care and responsibility, rolling this burden off both our backs onto Yours to judge it forever on the cross that finally set us both free.  Amen!


  • Father, I started out this journey with You, not by filling my brain up with so much gnosis information that I was strong-armed to follow You, but coming to the point where I had to take a ‘leap of trusting-relying-faith’ that You would be there to ‘catch’ me.  So, here I am again to take the ‘step of faith’ of forgiving this person ___ of their sin ___ against me, even if I don’t understand why or even feel like I want to or that I even can.  I will still ‘trust and obey because there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.’  I can count on Your blessings. Amen!


  • Father, I use the delegated authority of Jesus as my interceding Advocate in God’s courtroom over Satan, the deceiver and accuser of the brethren, and his demon-lawyers assigned to both of us.  Jesus has nailed their legal case against me concerning this person’s sins ___ to Christ’s cross, thus cancelling it out and making a public spectacle of these lawyers in God’s courtroom.  The case files of sins against me from this person ___ and my unforgiveness of them are both covered by the atoning blood of Jesus.  I have trusting-relying-faith that all these sins are transferred to Christ and His righteousness unto both of us.  Your mercy triumphs over judgment. Amen!


  • Father, I roll the sin of ___ I’ve held onto from this person ___ off both our backs onto Christ’s back to carry to the cross for judgment.  I give You the heavy responsibility of judging it ‘fairly and justly,’ and to take away the ‘weight’ that caused the sin in the first place and the ‘weight’ I’ve carried since.  I send that debt away from them and myself, by Jesus’ name of authority. Amen!


  • Father, I no longer desire the futility of holding onto the status-quo of this ongoing suffering from the judgment and unforgiveness of this person’s sins ___ that is holding me back from Your kingdom’s I don’t want my disobedience regarding this to continue to grieve me and Your Holy Spirit, keeping us ALL in this cycle of pain. Amen!


  • Father, help me to keep in my mind and heart that Your Son is the only Judge of anybody, that this is at the end of the ages, and to stop working for Satan by being an accuser using the Law’s ‘pointing finger.’ Amen!


  • Father, remind me that Your understanding of the situation is perfect but mine is flawed, so only You can be fair, just, and impartial. Amen!


  • Father, since through Christ I am ‘under unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace’ and no longer ‘under the merited-favor of the Law,’ help me to ‘see’ that the ‘fair and just’ thing to do is to treat others the same way You now treat me – with GRACE. Amen!


  • Father, I no longer measure this person ___ by the demands of fairness and justice that has said ___ but enlarge my ‘measuring stick’ to be unconditional, unearned, and unmerited, because I too desire to be judged instead by this same “measuring stick.”  Amen!


  • Father, as a follower of Jesus I want to follow His example of reconciling, healing, restoring, and building up others to faithfully be a witness of You to this person ___ instead of judging them.  Lord, help me take their burdens off their back instead of adding my own critical judgments to it.  Help me to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth through Christ’s gospel logos message of merciful-forgiveness triumphing over the Law’s judgment of sin.  Amen!


  • Father, I confess to You my sin of judgment and unforgiveness of ___ that is actually ‘the log in my own eye,’ and have trusting-relying-faith in Jesus to forgive me and cleanse me from ALL unrighteousness.  I clear my conscience of the ‘convicting’ voice of Satan by Christ’s authoritative name. Amen!


  • Father, fill me with The Unconditional-Love of the Holy Spirit that can forgive the sins ___ of this person ___, so that I may be able to ‘see’ how to serve You by unconditionally-loving, blessing, and helping them with goodness.  Amen!


  • Father, I commit this person’s __ evil ___ to You to deal with in Your own way and time. Meanwhile, make me wise and discerning in how I deal with this person ____, correctly scrutinizing or discerning the situation by the means of the Spirit, so that Your kingdom comes and Your will shall be done. Amen!


  • Father, fill me with Your Spirit of unconditional-love so that I will be supernaturally-enabled to no longer be critical, judgmental, or condemning toward others but instead be forgivingly peaceful, patient, kind, good, loyal, gentle, and self-controlled toward them.  Amen!


  • Father, I ask You to bless this person ___, filling the voids in their life with Yourself, replacing the emptiness that has caused them to sin, ridding them from their demons that push them around like pawns, and bringing the kingdom of Your Son to them. I ask that You forgive them of their sins ___ against me, for they are just as ignorant of Your glory as I am.  I ask that You supernaturally-enable me to unconditionally-love them as You do.  Amen!


  • Father, I have no idea what was missing or screwed up inside this person ___ or what evil demon or person was ‘pushing their buttons’ that they could do this sin ___ against me, and I’m sure they didn’t either.  Have mercy on them because they were clueless when they did it, just as often I am.  I know so much of our sinful lives is caused by looking for The Truth and zoe genuine-life everywhere but in You, where it can actually be found.  Amen!


  • Father, I know that this person ___ has been a victim of forces of evil that have come against them just as they have done this sin ___ that has victimized me.  They are also victims of spiritual darkness moving them like pawns, possibly from family generation to generation, just as with me.  I can’t blame them for also being powerless victims against ancient superhuman powers, so I forgive them of their sins. Amen!


  • Father, I know I can trust and rely on You to meet my needs ___, but know that my unforgiveness of this person’s sin ___ is blocking me from receiving this, especially of experiencing Your unconditionally-loving acceptance, unmerited-unearned-undeserved favor of grace, and associated blessings of Your kingdom, so I forgive this person of their sins against me so that I will also be forgiven of my sins against others and You. Amen!


  • Father, I know the kingdom of heaven and its ‘secrets’ are kept hidden from the so-called ‘wise and understanding’ but revealed to ‘little children,’ who also are the ‘least among us’ that You reveal Yourself to.  I want to be like ‘a little child’ in quickly forgetting about my hurts and getting back to the ‘play’ You have for me.  Thank You for helping me to be like them. Amen!


  • Father, I routinely long for and boldly claim as Your child would, the grace-gift of the Holy Spirit to fill-to-completion me with all Your abundant-fullness so that I am able to experience Your kingdom on earth.  Raptured from my sin, swept off my feet by Your unconditional-love, Your yoke will be easy and burden feather-light.  Your Unconditional-Love nature living in me will cause me to walk in Your ways.  The One Teacher, the Spirit of The Truth, will guide me into all The Truth.  Amen!


  • Father, teach me to cultivate the habit of often proseuchomai conversationally-praying, praising, thanking, and singing to You, even in tongues by the Spirit, so that my trusting-relying-faith in You will be built up in order to guard myself against the misdeeds of the flesh and schemes of the devil.  Help me to keep myself surrounded by Your unconditional-love and for that unconditional-love to keep me looking forward to Christ’s unconditionally-loving kindness, knowing that zoe genuine-life is only in Him. Amen!


  • Father, the temptation to judge and be unforgiving is naturally irresistible, so I instead run deep into the safety of You, my towering Fortress ‘wall of Rock,’ to be safe from ‘the persistent, crashing waves of sin,’ and to go where I can hear Your Voice lead me, for your ‘directly-spoken/heard words are Spirit and zoe genuine-life.’  Amen!



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