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Video:  Unconditional-Love - BT23:  What to do about our judgment and unforgiveness of ourselves and others

What can we do about our judgment and unforgiveness of ourselves and others?



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Everything in the Christian life goes back to the ONLY NT entole commandment to the unsaved that saves us – see Logos Word of God – BT15.  But every step of the Christian life goes back to this also!  It always comes back to taking an obedient step of trusting-relying-faith to act on what He tells us to do, even when our minds can’t understand it and our flesh certainly doesn’t feel like doing it.  But He promises that if we do, then we will be blessed!  Paul’s thesis statement from his gospel to the Roman world says it all, taken from the Habakkuk 2:4 prophecy:  “The righteous ones shall zoe genuinely-live by the means of trusting-relying-faith, from trusting-relying-faith to trusting-relying-faith” – a common Greek idiom meaning from “one step to another step, from the beginning to the end of the process” – compare “glory to glory” metamorphic transformation by “gazing-with-wide-open-eyes-as-in-a-mirror the glory of Jesus” rather than “reading Moses with God’s faded glory on his face” in 2 Corinthians 3:18.  It certainly takes STEPS to “unconditionally-love your enemies and/coupled pray for those who persecute you” (a) or “abuse you” (b)!  It takes more STEPS to “bless and/coupled not in possibility curse those who curse you” (c).  It takes even more STEPS to “do good to those who hate you” (d), even “feeding your hungry enemy or giving him something to drink if thirsty” (e), showing “kindness to the ungrateful and the evil in order to be mature-sons of the Most High who does this Himself” (f).  If we take these STEPS of trusting-relying-faith, then we are “overcoming evil with good instead of being overcome by evil” (g).  But how are these STEPS even possible for such flawed flesh beings as ourselves? <Notes> a) Matthew 5:44, b) Luke 6:28, c) Romans 12:14, d) Luke 6:27, 35, e) Romans 2:20, f) Luke 6:35, g) Romans 12:21.


Everything always comes back to our total surrender of control, that is to metanoia “repent or change our mind for the kingdom of heaven” (a) or strepho “turn/convert by changing the direction/course of our mind to become like little children to enter or dechomai warmly-welcome the kingdom of God” (b), surrendering control to our heavenly Father!  I’ve worked with a lot of little children and not only are they relentless at getting their parent’s attention, they don’t “keep a record of wrongs” and “forgive and forget” very soon after being hurt by somebody.  <Notes> a) Matthew 3:2, 4:17; Mark 1:15, b) Matthew 18:3, 19:14; Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17; 1 Peter 2:2.


The natural action or “work of faith” (a) that demonstrates repentance is homologeo confession by “speaking the same thing as God” of our sin that starts the soteria saving process of “healing-restoring of wholeness and health.”  This is where Jesus begins His work IN us by the means of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore it’s vital for every STEP of the Christian life!  1 John 1:5-10 spells it out: “This is the announcement (b) we have heard from Him and proclaim to you, that God is presently/ongoing-defined-as/exists-as Light and IN Him is absolutely in fact no darkness at all.  If we say we have koinonia intimate fellowship with Him while we presently-ongoingly walk-live in darkness, we lie and do not practice The Truth.  However, if we presently-ongoingly walk-live in The Light as He is in The Light, then we actually have koinonia intimate fellowship with one another, and/coupled the blood of Jesus His Son actually, presently-ongoingly cleanses (c) us from ALL sin.  If we say we presently-ongoingly have no sin, we deceive (lie to) ourselves and The Truth is absolutely in fact not in us.  If we presently-ongoingly confess our sins, then He is actually, presently-ongoingly trustworthy-faithful and/coupled righteously-just in order to definitively-wholly forgive us our sins and/coupled definitively-wholly cleanse (c) us from ALL (d) unrighteous-injustice (e).  If we say we have already, with lasting results, absolutely in fact not sinned, we make Him a liar and His logos gospel message is absolutely in fact not in us.”  See Surrender-Control – BT10 for a detailed discussion of this.


<Notes> a) 1 Thessalonians 1:3; 2 Thessalonians 1:11, b) logos gospel message of The Truthc) katharizo: purify us from all admixture, filth, c) d) this is one of the fewer times pas like means “the whole of” instead of “every of a kind/class of” as in 2 Timothy 3:15-16, “pas scripture [the kind that is] God-breathed is profitable for instruction” in the context of v. 15 is referring to Messianic prophetic “oracles of God” [as in Hebrews 5:12 and 1 Peter 4:11] that were able to make Timothy and others “wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”  In no way would Paul permit the reading of the 5 books of Moses per 2 Corinthians 13:4-18, e) violation of God’s justice that brings divine disapproval.


So much of Christianity has been complicated by adults, mostly religious and legalistic people, but a consistent emphasis of the NT and the Lord’s personal communication to me is K. I. S. = Keep It Simple and “become like little children” – that’s why I have a whole page The Least Among You on this!  Little children are not asked by parents to sunesis rationally ‘connect the dots’ to understand/know or have great sophia wisdom on how to apply this knowledge, but to simply have trusting-relying-faith in what they say and obey them!  I love that song called Trust and Obey that says “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”  The entire Christian life is really that simple!


However we can’t do anything, including unconditional-love and forgiveness, unless we meno remain-connected-to/cohabitate-with/abide-in Jesus, the Vine (a).  Only His unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace gives us the dunamis dynamite-like, supernatural enabling-power of the Holy Spirit to “walk in Him” (b), “walk in The Light as He is in the light” (c), so “whoever says he meno remains-connected-to/cohabitates-with/abides-in Him is opheilo are-indebted to wholly/definitively peripateo ‘walk-all-around or live’ in the same WAY in which He ongoingly peripateo ‘walked-all-around or live’” (d), and in the context this in unconditional-love. See A 11-21-2021 Vision about Meno abiding. <Notes> a) John 15:1-10, b) Colossians 2:6, c) 1 John 1:7, d) 1 John 2:6.


I can’t forget the dream the Lord gave of me of The Massive Fortress Rock of Christ. I was standing on a shoreline, one wave of “the world, the flesh, and the devil” after another crashing up against me, wearing me down, and knocking me over.  Pushing forward or standing my ground was futile because the waves matched my height to increase the energy by an exponent of two!  Two times higher meant 4 times the energy!  He said, “Run back to Me, to a Cave Door in a great Fortress-Rock wall at the shoreline.  Only until I entered and continued far past its entranceway was I safe from the crashing waves.  He became my light, air, food, and finally secure place of rest when I was in the middle of Him.  That’s what “meno abiding/remaining-connect-to/cohabitating-in the Vine to produce much fruit” actually meant!  That’s why 1 John 2:27:  “The anointing that you already received from Him (a) ongoingly meno abides/remains-connect-to/cohabitates IN you, and/thus you have absolutely in fact NO need that anyone should teach you.  But just as His anointing actually, ongoingly teaches you about ALL things, and is ongoingly true/trustworthy and/thus ongoingly is absolutely in fact no lie – just as it has already taught you, actually, ongoingly meno abide/remain-connect-to/cohabit-in Him,” the Vine of Christ “to produce much fruit” (b).  This is always our solution to the dangers of this world and sin!  <Notes> a) compare v. 20: “you presently/ongoing have-to-hold [singular] anointing away-from the Holy One and/thus you-all already-with-ongoing-effects eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know ALL [things]pas often mean ‘every of a kind of,” b) John 15:5.


Little children are certainly relentless in ‘pulling on the shirt tail’ of their parent to let them know what they desperately need.  The Lord gave me a vision of this and told me to be that way – see Least Among You – BT12!  For us this means “to be routinely pleroo filled-to-completion WITH all the pleroma abundant-fullness of the Father by the means of the Holy Spirit” (a). THIS is what we are to routinely aiteo ‘subordinately, but confidently and boldly as a child, ask, crave, call or cry out for, require, and even demand’ from our heavenly Father as Jesus taught us to pray (b).  Why did Jesus leave us with this final thought on prayer as our “action item?”  Jesus left the best and most important ‘to-do’ for us, just as every great speaker or writer does by repeating or rephrasing His thesis statement.  But why?  Exactly because “it really is impossible para with/beside/near man but para with/beside/near God all things are possible” (c) and because “the flesh profits absolutely in fact nothing; [however] the prophetic rhema words that I speak to you are-defined-as/exist-as Spirit and/coupled they are-defined-as/exist-as zoe genuine-life” (d).  That’s why I have so many pages on the Spirit and a whole page on Prophetic Rhema-Words!  It’s really the nature of the completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant and where zoe genuine-life can be found – not bible study! <Notes> a) Ephesians 3:19, 5:18 – see Spirit-Baptism, b) Luke 11:13; Matthew 7:11, c) Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27, d) John 6:63.


You see, no matter how many “might or power” external resources or internal abilities we put behind our efforts to unconditionally-love and forgive, we will certainly fail, just as Zechariah 14:6 prophesies about the ending of the old covenant and the beginning of the completely-different-in-kind, superior New Covenant!  Only our vertical-love relation with God, who is Unconditional-Love, can supernaturally empower or enable us by the means of the Spirit of Holiness to walk/live “in the same WAY as Jesus did” with unconditional horizontal-love and forgiveness toward others – see Unconditional-Love – BT9.  The Lord once showed me that His Unconditional-Love raptures us or “lifts us up and away,” sweeping us off our feet in ecstatic love, joy, and peace away from not only the sin of judgment and unforgiveness, but all our sins!


That’s the exact meaning of John 15:1-2 “Every branch IN Me that does not bear fruit, My Father, the Vinedresser, airo ‘lifts up, raises upward, elevates, draws upward; take upon oneself and carry what has been raised up, thus bear; to bear/carry away what has been raised’”  He lifts the vine up away from the ground where animals can nibble on it and out of the shadows into The Light so that it can grow and produce energy for fruit.  Fruit in shadows gets moldy, too!  I’m a gardener and was a wine-taster so I know these things well!  Like little children, we are totally dependent by trusting-rely-faith on our heavenly Father’s Unconditional-Love for His “One Teacher” Holy Spirit teaching and dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power – see Spirit-Power.  All other secular and religious attempts at unconditional-love and forgiveness are vain and futile!


We also know from many verses that “through-the-realizing-channel-of ALL ‘portions-of’ (a) proseuche conversational-prayer kai and/coupled deesis supplication (b), routinely, proseuchomai conversationally-praying (c) in ALL ‘portions of’ (a) season/time by the means of the Spirit” (d).  We know from Paul’s other writings this is likely “the unintelligible, mind-unfruitful/unproductive, mysteries [to us] grace-gift of tongues unto God” (e), which is “proseuchomai conversationally-praying secrets/mysteries, revelations, and thanksgiving unto God” (f) that is the way we “build ourselves up (g) in our most Holy Faith” in order to “tereo ‘carefully watch/observe to safely-guard, care-for/attend-to, firmly-hold/stand-in/maintain-a-present-state IN The Unconditional-Love of/belonging-to God, [and this keeps us] looking forward to the unconditionally-loving-kindness of Christ that gives us zoe genuine-life forever” (h).  Thus proseuchomai conversationally-praying in tongues may indeed be what Paul had in mind when he said: “put to death the misdeeds of the body by the means of the Spirit in order to zoe genuinely-live” (i).  Kenneth Hagin said: “I have found in my own life over a period of more than 60 years that the more I speak in tongues—the more I pray and worship God in tongues—the more manifestation of the other grace-gifts of the Spirit I have in my life too. And the less I speak in tongues, the less manifestation of the supernatural grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit I have operating in my life.”


<Notes> a) pas usually doesn’t mean “the whole or entirety of” but like here, “every of a portion, class, category, or kind of”, b) the monologue of deesis supplication is unique from the dialogue of proseuche conversational-prayer.  Here Paul wants you to do both but because of kai, in a linked, integrated way, c) by adding the present participle proseuchomai, Paul is clearly pointing out the emphasis of prayer:  not the monologue of deesis supplication in our own native language but the dialogue of proseuche conversational-prayer in tongues, where the Holy Spirit gets to speak in intercession as our Paraklesos Advocate and with praise/thanksgiving to the Father, d) Ephesians 6:18, e) 1 Corinthians 14:2, 4, 9, 14-15 – see Grace-Gifts, f) 1 Corinthians 14:6, 17, g) 1 Corinthians 14:4, h) Jude 1:20, i) Romans 8:13.





As Christian musicians, it has to be simple enough to walk/live as Jesus did with unconditional-love and forgiveness for little children and “the least among us” to be able to do it!  It has to be this way for God to be impartial and not show favoritism to the so-called “wise and understanding ones.”  The only entole officially-decreed, universally-binding commandment given to Christians to “ongoing unconditionally-love one another just as I have already unconditionally-loved you” that thus demands stopping the sin of critical judgment and condemnation of others who have sinned against us and instead forgive them, is simply NOT possible in our human flesh unless we take these obedient steps of trusting-relying-faith:


1) Totally surrender-control by repenting or turning your mind away from your sin and towards the Lord through:


2) Confessing or agreeing with Him that you are sinning and don’t want anything to do with your flesh’s desires and/or influence of demons, even ‘binding’ and ‘casting’ them out by His name/authority.  Admitting your “unfaithfulness” to “The Faithful One” and admitting your “unrighteousness” to “The Righteous One” allows Jesus to forgive your sins and cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness.  You have to “loose/untie” and “commit or roll off your back the burden of sin” onto Christ for Him to utterly destroy it on the cross by His blood.  Now that you have acted on your trusting-relying-faith and meno connected-to Vine of Christ to produce fruit that glorifies the Father, you still need to take step:


3) To “loose/untie” and forgive “lift-up and throw-away” the burden of sin of the other person as well, by also taking it to the cross of Christ for His blood to destroy it, even exercising your delegated authority to ‘bind and cast out’ their demons.  Now that you have “thrown out the books of the Law” for yourself and them, its judgment ‘dominion-hold’ over the both of you that bound/tied both of you together with the Law, has been broken!  Praise the Lord!  Now the “log in your own eye blinding you” has been removed!  Now you are ready for this step:


4) ‘Loose/untie’ the Holy Spirit to take the place of both of your demons and “sinful passions aroused by the Law.”  As a child of God, knowing absolutely that this is the will of God, you can boldly and confidently come before the Father and relentlessly ‘pull on his shirt tail’ for the both of you to “be routinely filled-to-completion with all the abundant-fullness of God by the means of the Holy Spirit.”  You have “thrown out the Law” and are asking for the unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace to completely replace it.  The Spirit is the enabling-power of God for righteousness and zoe genuine-life.  Religion’s “might and power” just won’t cut it!  This is how we meno remain-connect-to/cohabitate/walk/live in the Vine of Christ to continually “produce much fruit to the glory of the Father!”  Now it’s possible for God’s “kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!”  Now you are finally powerfully-enabled for the step:


5) Instead of returning hatred for hatred as the ‘just, fair, equitable’ Law dictates “eye for an eye, etc.” reciprocity, you are able to return unconditional-love.  Instead of returning curses, return blessing.  Instead of returning evil for evil, return good.  Instead of returning persecution, you can give food and water to your enemies.  Instead of being ungrateful you can show kindness.  And the list goes on!  Finally for the last step:


6) Stay meno connected-to/cohabitating-in/living-walking IN Christ through proseuche conversational-prayer.  This will keep you walking in the Spirit, in the Light, and thus in the unconditional-love of Christ to combat any more proving-trials from the demons, your flesh, or from that person still being pestered by their own demons and flesh!  Routinely pray “Thy kingdom come . . . forgive us . . . as we forgive . . . deliver us away-from the evil one!”  Routinely pray for more of the Holy Spirit’s filling & power.  And as Paul and Jude urge:  “pray in tongues to build yourself up in the most Holy Faith.”  Use the sword of the Spirit that is prophetic rhema words of God to fight back – declare and decree the promises of God that He has spoken to you.  “Submit to God; resist the devil and/then he will flee from you.”  They go together!





Thank You Father for keeping it simple for us little children and the other “least among us” who learn directly from You instead of just writings about You like religious people depend on.  Instead we put our trusting-relying-faith solely in YOU to be our “One Father, One Leader-Master, and One Teacher” as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  We surrender-control to you through repentant-turning-away from the sin of judgment and unforgiveness, by confessing-agreeing with your assessment of it, binding/tying up the demons and the Law they use to arouse our flesh’s passions and nailing their accusations to the cross, loosing/untying ALL our sins and throwing it ALL away to the cross of Christ for You to utterly destroy it and heal us both, and loosing/untying the Holy Spirit by routinely, confidently, boldly asking for us both to be filled-to-completion with You by the means of the Spirit.  Now empower us to witness Your unconditional-love to them through returning “joy, peace, enduring-patience, kindness, goodness, faith/faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control/mastery.” I know that if I meno stay connected-to/cohabitating-in/presently-with/living-by YOU, there is absolutely nothing impossible!




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