7-19-20 Dreams of great darkness coming from evil beneath melting our tennis shoes





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7-19-20 Dreams of great darkness coming from evil beneath melting our tennis shoes



I had a dream last night and a continuation of that dream in the morning after I asked the Lord more about the 1st dream, which was:  I saw an oil well spitting out very hot gases along with oil and as I walked near the field where this was happening, the soles of my tennis shoes were starting to melt from the magma that was building up underneath.  I had a great sense of urgency to get across that field because I knew the time was very short – things were going to get very explosive.


I woke up from the 1st dream with a great sense of urgency to get on with God’s calling for my life, to clarify that, to pray, listen, and watch, and write down what was told to me and then start doing it – see “Mike’s Story” on the About page that was the result.  I journaled for awhile.


In the 2nd dream I was told to run across the field fast and not to linger because there was no time left.  As others were driving across that field, they were told to not stop and sight-see because their wheels would melt and they would be stuck and in grave danger.


I did some more journaling to ask about these dreams.  The Lord told me that the time for Christians was short.  I was told that soon there would not be any light to see by because of explosions disrupting the power source of their light here, but then in a little while there would be great light and everything would be just fine.  But during this period of great darkness that Christians would need to find faith to hold on, and to pray for survival, to fight the good fight of faith in the Heavenly realms, and to get on about their Father’s business.  We have a mission during the darkness coming.  We need to press in to hear and obey.


Now as I create this page on 2/26/21, terrible darkness did indeed come from more riots encouraged and funded by leading democrat politicians, nationwide election fraud exposed by 100s of fraud/forensic crime experts and summarily dismissed contestations by many states of this fraud, an unconstitutional impeachment of a past president (Trump) that of course didn’t carry because of the fraudulent evidence exposed, and now government by a illegally-elected Harris-Biden regime through Executive Orders without any regard for congressional representation, many of which are going right after Christians and their biblical morality.  Biden said it would be a “dark winter” and they are doing everything in their power to make it so, because it’s clear they are all being dictated to by Satan, the master hater of life and truth.


The Church divided did lead the fall!  Now the nation will further reap what it has sown, because God will not be mocked.  However, just as with every great revival in history, God will pour out His Spirit when the suffering from Satan is the greatest and the masses cry out for God’s intervention, especially when the Church has been thoroughly weeded out from the faithless “Christians” and the faithful remnant are pleading in unity for God’s intervention.  The Church always leads the nation’s morality, first by losing its “saltiness” and so their “light becoming darkness makes the darkness so great,” but also leads society in the great revivals because they become “salt and light” again through the “crucible of trial” by getting back to the only thing that ever changed anything – proseuche conversational prayer and genuine worship by the Spirit and the Truth!  And it doesn’t hurt to call evil “evil” instead of trying to suck up the world for its monetary and popularity advantages!




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