2-4-20 Dream of Jesus leaving the world harbor and being pulled to Him by yearning





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2-4-20 Dream of Jesus leaving the world harbor and being pulled to Him by yearning



I was in a small boat that was anchored at the shoreline by a rope.  There were other people in the back of the boat that didn’t want to row in order to leave the shore that I desperately wanted to do when I saw a very old friend in another boat that was moving out of the harbor.  He stood in the front of the boat but I didn’t see anybody else in the boat, yet it was moving!  He had dark shiny, slightly curly longer hair yet not to his shoulders.  I called out to him and wanted to be with him so badly.


However, the people in my boat would not row in order to move out into the harbor to follow Him. They said it was too dangerous because there were other big boats and we were too small.  I reached out towards my friend yearning for Him.  I got to the front of the boat and I hung my body out over the water stretching towards Him with all my might and yet the people in the boat would not row towards Him. And yet I yearned for Him, stretching my hands towards Him, reaching towards Him.


And then despite no rowing, the boat started moving as I hung out over the water.  They said you’re going to fall into the water and drown!  It’s too dangerous!  Yet the our boat kept moving faster towards Him, and they said it’s going too fast, it’s too dangerous.  Yet the boat kept going faster and faster towards my friend.  I noticed that my friend was moving pretty quickly out of the harbor and yet not so quick I couldn’t catch up with him – it’s almost like it was slowing down intentionally so I could catch up.


Well I did catch up with Him and it didn’t seem to take too long!  I got out of my boat and I got into His, and I was so happy to finally be with Him.  As soon as I stood next to Him a woman appeared.  And I knew that woman from long ago too – I had been looking for Her for a long time and I thought I had lost Her.  And when I saw her I was so full of joy and I started crying in my dream, being so overwhelmed with happiness to see her, and that’s what woke me up because I was crying with so much joy.  She was the Holy Spirit of Jesus and I was with them both in that boat heading away from the shore.


I knew that the shoreline was the world I was tied to, the harbor its pleasures, the dangers very evident, but Jesus was heading out to another land, crossing over, and I was going with Him no matter what, regardless of what my companions said!


All day I could not shake that feeling of intense yearning.  And the Lord said to me in the shower:  “This is what I meant by ‘seeking me with all your heart and then you will find Me.’  I’m not asking you to give what you don’t have, but the whole of what you do have.  I’m not asking for the impossible, but your possible and this will be enough to draw you to Me without any other effort (no rowing) and you will find your greatest desire fulfilled!  Joy, Joy, Joy!




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