1-25-20 Dream of 3 luxury types of meat to indulge for happiness or choose genuine zoe life

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I was choosing between 3 pieces of meat, all expensive luxury types – sushi, beef, and bird (duck, pheasant, etc).  But I was told no matter what the privileged choice for such “happiness” was, they were all still “flesh” and that they would not ACTUALLY lead to “the real thing, zoe genuine life,” but instead some part of my life would be stolen from me, polluted or corrupted or in someway destroyed, or that I would be outright killed.  That’s what Jesus said in John 10:10 that the devil or “thief” came to do.


So I’m told here that my quest for “happiness” by indulging the flesh ALL leads to some form of death.  I was told the Spirit of Jesus leads to super-abundant, genuine life (a), but not to confuse this with what most think is “happiness” – pleasure of the senses. Then I was told this “life” that the Spirit leads us to (b) is the “knowing of the Father and the Son – this knowing is an intimate communion.”  That’s what Jesus prayed for all believers right before He went to the cross (c). <Notes> a) 2 Corinthians 3:6; John 10:10, b) Galatians 5:18; Romans 8:14, c) John 17:3.


But this “leading to this relationship for real life” has nothing to do with “do this and don’t do this obedience” in our decisions.  I was also told these decisions could not be auto-scheduled as recurring appointments in your calendar.  You have to manually make them, but they are  not decisions that religion or much of the Church teaches: They are not laws – rules, regulations, precepts, ordinances, or commandments to learn or keep in order to have Life. That was the thinking of the Old Way that was ended and replaced by the New Way – Hebrews 10:1-10 and Romans 10:4-5.


The New Way is pistis faith = relational trust and leaning-on dependence on Jesus to be The Way or “direction and access” to the Father, the Way to genuine life.  That’s what Jesus said in John 14:1-11.  The Way of faith, is not Law at all but instead a choosing to WANT a relationship with infinite, unconditional LOVE  – the singular nature or definition of God and His Spirit in 1 John 4:8, 16 and Galatians 5:22.  The “Way of faith” is to choose a relationship with LOVE at every “Y” decision between this LOVE and “fleshly happiness.”


The term “fleshly” (sarx) simply means “of the physical body of the 5 senses, thus the adjective/adverb = sensual(ly)” – see the Identity page.  So that is our constant decision – choosing to please our 5 senses alone to bring us “happiness,” temporary as it is and slowly disintegrates our lives toward death, or choosing to deepen our trusting, relying faith-relationship with the Father through the Son by the means of the Spirit, which leads toward zoe genuine life, an intimate communion or “knowing” of the Father and the Son.  At every “Y” in our road, we choose zoe genuine life or the degrading path toward destruction and death.




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