9-9-19 Dream of the busy Triune God in no rush when interceding for us





I was asking for prayer from a man recognized for powerful prayer at a church, but was surprised as busy as he was that he had time to meet me in a room.  He brought 2 others and prayed behind me.  I was really surprised because after a little while I felt that I needed to leave because I was so busy, but they were much busier than I, though they were still praying when I broke off.  I could see they were not finished, but I was antsy to move on.  It didn’t seem they were in any hurry, being very absorbed in intercession.  I had the feeling that time was standing still and they would have stayed there as long as it took to get the job done.  It seemed I was the only one in a rush.  As important as they were?  It was very humbling that they took the time for me, a relative nobody.

Afterwards, I realized I was in the presence of the Son, who had brought a woman The Spirit and also His Father.  Although I could not see the 3 behind me in this room, I could hear and understand their voices.

I remember Jesus said “My Sheep akouo hear/understand/listen My Voice.”  Interesting He never asked anybody to write anything down unlike any of the Prophets before Him or any rabbis that every travelled with pupils/disciples.  Nor did He ever tell his pupils/disciples to ever read, study, or debate Scriptures or any other writings or that they ever would/should, as every Jew was taught from childhood to do, so as to be faithful to God.  He DID talk a lot about directly akouo hearing/listening to understand to His Voice (phone – yes, the device we listen/talk on).

Prophetic RHEMA words are never read or studied because they are always directly heard.  All the “promises” of Spirit, genuine life, power to change, etc. are linked to 77 cases of rhema use in the NT, radically diverting from the logos Word of God in the OT that was written in sacred gramma letters and collected into graphe books, read, studied, and debated by JEWS, not Christians until after 200AD when the Catholic Church (mostly Origen) brought it back – for political, ego, financial, and control issues – shame on Origen!  Until then the early church letters show no regard for Scripture, since Jesus was the fulfillment, the living Logos by the Holy Spirit speaking by rhema prophecy to them everything they needed so they had no need of teachers or their writings – 1 John 2:20, 27.

I pray the church will realize they ended up with traditions of men, what the Jews had (an old covenant of writings), wake up to realize they are in a New Covenant with the “radically different new kainos way of the Spirit, no longer the way of the gramma letter” (Romans 7:6). That’s the prediction of Jeremiah 31:31-34 fulfilled in Acts 2:17-19 for the Church Age – the Way of akouo hearing/listening to prophetic rhema because there is absolutely nothing in the NT “promised” about more gramma writings that never even worked for the Jews!

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