9-8-18 Dream of being stuck in muddy soil that won’t drain


I was filling up a big white plastic-canvas bag with dirt for a plant, but the water just turned into sticky mud cause it could not drain. The plant could not live in it.  And I could not move in the soil myself – I was stuck in the mire.


Lesson:   So it is with walking in the living-water of the Spirit:  What goes in must find a way out of me – worship & prayer back to God, and witness & service to others.  The soil needs to dry out before asking for more water.  Otherwise, you can get stuck in your walk, always asking for more Holy Spirit: living-water, and wondering why we we aren’t receiving – because God is wiser than we are.  He knows we aren’t giving back to him & others what we have already received, and so more water would just ruin us.

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