12-17-19 Dream about being called to live like Jesus by loving and forgiving others





I had lots of dreams, but one I kept repeating so I wouldn’t forget it:  the Lord spoke thru my mouth and I started to weep… saying something like this:


I called you to become and live like My Son, not to remain as you are, loving and forgiving others just as I have loved and forgiven you.


So i asked repeatedly the last half-hour who i have not done this for.  My dad came to mind.  He keeps spending his money like water and i complained to my wife Charlotte that there won’t be anything left when he passes so that i can finally retire to play drums –  it’s all that i’ve wanted to do.  I’ve spent my whole life either in school or working to pay bills.  She reminded me that he worked for his money, just like i will need to, just like he had to.  My complaint is that he retired at 48 and hasn’t worked since and pretty much just spends his money on himself.  Well, that is his choice.


The Lord is telling me anyway that i need a ‘day job’ other than just my part-time drum teaching, because “it’s not good for man to be alone.”  Yes, i agree.  So i will earn my keep.  The Lord worked, so will I.  Paul did too.  So will i.  Any minister of God should be going down this path – see Ministry Finances and Donations.  Anytime left over then will be prioritized.  This is the way of the Lord.  Ministry, music, and teaching – this will need to be around this obedience at this time. The Lord is our provider. I’m not to hope in men, including parents.  My dad is off the hook.  It’s his hard-earned money to do with as he pleases.  No blame.


As I copied this in today from an old text message to myself, I find it no coincidence that the Lord had me last night clearing out any unforgiveness towards others, including my dad, that may be lingering and preventing my healing from a rash of ailments since starting this ministry in mid-October.  You can also see from “My Story” on the About page that I ended up working at Sprouts and then Ace Hardware for about 10 months before the Lord led me to this ministry.  But that’s when my poor diet/exercise lifestyle and the devil went after me!  So I’m putting into practice the “Miraculous Healings” of the Signs & Wonders page!



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