6-26-17 Prayer Revelation to pray through the problem by praying into Jesus




Later on during my proseuche conversational-prayer time, I was struggling through “the blues” as I’ve often experienced, which often drives me to proseuche conversational-prayer.  I thought about how many times I’ve done what the world does about boredom and depression – try to mask or run from it with some kind of pleasure (food, drink, sex, drugs, music, movies, etc) or bury yourself in work so you don’t have to think about the meaninglessness of so much of life.


As I struggled with this in proseuche conversational-prayer, I felt the Lord strongly saying, “The only way out is in – in to Me and Me into you.”  As I contemplated this, I remembered that all the Greek words for “coming, asking (begging, pleading), crying out, seeking, knocking, waiting, watching, hearing (or listening to), and having trusting-relying-faith associated to devoted, patiently-waiting, watching, listening, worshipful, conversational-prayer I learned as I did the Knowledge and Spirit-Baptism pages was in the present, ongoing tense or as a participle meant to convey a routine lifestyle.  The Lord was telling me to “persevere through the darkness of night to get to the light of morning” by doing this through this kind of proseuche conversational-prayer – then I will find freedom!




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