1-3-17 Dream that the Christian life is authored by the Holy Spirit





There was a class with many Christians from different churches learning more about the Christian life.  The woman teacher assigned us all books to check out from their very disorganized library.  The checkout sheet had all our names on it, but the list was organized instead by book author, so we had to look at all 3 sheets to find our name.


I found my name next to a book and author, “The Holy Spirit, Cyme.” I thought what a strange spelling for the author and figured that “Come” was the pronunciation of Cyme where the “e” had a long “a” sound – I had a drum student with a name like that.


Then I heard the Lord say, “You’re being silly again – it means “Come to Me” – this is how you will learn about “The Holy Spirit.”  I started laughing and woke up still laughing!  When I told my wife, I wondered what Cyme meant as I kept saying to her “C  y  M e” until she said to listen to what I was saying:  “See Why Me!”  Then I understood:  “Come” and you will “See Why Me!”  So it should be “The Holy Spirit, See Why Me,” but in Hebrew it would be written backwards: “See Why Me – Spirit, the Holy [One].”


I took this as a direct invitation by the Holy Spirit to look to Him for the Christian life!




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