1-29-21 – God-dream of prayers as wisps of smoke ascending to God



I saw a campfire creating wisps of smoke ascending before the throne of God.  I knew the ribbons of smoke were the prayers of God’s people, prayers that are not random, but unified – even though they are not aware of this, unless they compared their prayers with others in the Body of Christ, something “church” was originally designed for. The prayers followed each other like ribbons.  Once long ago during house worship with others, I saw these ribbons in heaven going up thru heaven’s floor like wisps of fog.  Amazing!  Others have said they saw prayers do this!  Once during a “glory experience” the Lord showed me this in clouds.


Well, in this dream the Lord showed me the fire and how it would twist and turn to create the air turbulent that created unified ribbons of smoke to ascend – these are unified prayers.  The Spirit of God is CAUSING the unity of the prayers. That’s what Ezekiel 36:27 said about the completely different-in-kind New Covenant: “And I will put MY Spirit within you-all and CAUSE you-all to walk/live by MY just-decrees and be careful to obey MY judged-verdicts.”  Clearly, the Lord is showing me that these “just decrees from his judgement seat” are CAUSING these unified prayers by the “fire of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus’ ministry was distinguished as “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and-related fire.” I have had dreams & visions of the Spirit “rain of fire” coming that will burn up impurities in the world for the final revival before Christ’s return!  I’ve been told it is coming because God has CAUSED His people to pray it in – “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth now as it already is in heaven – deliver us from the evil one, Amen.”  This is our unified prayer model of the Spirit, given by Jesus.  Ephesians 4:3 shows where our unity comes from: “the unity belonging to the Spirit.”  So, God gets all the glory once again – even CAUSING us to have unified prayers!  Sweet!  Amen!




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