1-18-21 encouraging all-night God-dream

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1/18/21 encouraging all-night God-dream:


I just joined the Marines and my group just arrived at boot-camp. We were just unpacking and THE Commander came in. I did not see HIS face, only heard HIS authoritative voice say:  I know you just got here and haven’t had your training yet, but we are going to need the skills you already have right now! We have just engaged the enemy and massive causalities from both sides will be filling up every building we have. We will need your help!  Do what you can. One guy said he was a 6th degree black belt. THE Commander said, we will use all your talents. Another said he was a gymnast and HE said, “Yes that, too.” But i said I’m 60 years old and  can’t be that physical anymore, I have been told that: ‘You are an anointed musician, who plays by The Spirit” and certainly i have experienced this prophetically for so many years in so many bands. ” HE said, “Yes, we will use everything you ARE. Just be willing to help heal the wounded coming.”


This was a confirmation of a prophetic message i had about a week ago that God was going to cause an avalanche of truth that would shake the earth.


I was a double-black diamond snow skier in my youth. When i skied powder after a big storm in Utah, i cause a small avalanche. It was truly terrifying because it was so deceptive i almost didn’t get out of the way in time! I had cut across a steep slope right under a ridge. When i disturbed the slope with my cut, i didn’t even notice until i had made some more moves and was further down the slope, and stopped to catch my breath. I still would not have noticed, but Thank the good Lord i looked up the slope. I did to pridefully look at my progress! I started seeing LITTLE BITS of snow moving about 20 feet away from me, heading toward me. At first, i thought how odd and INSIGNIFICANT. But then i remembered some shows about disastrous avalanches, and i said, maybe just to be safe i will move to the side of the slope. Good thing! I saw more and more and more surface snow start to move. It kept building like it had a LIFE OF ITS OWN until a 100 feet of slope was moving past me, and then the whole ridge way up above broke off. Now the snow was tumbling or snowballing, not just sliding! Fortunately nobody else was on the slope and i was out of the way. Nobody got hurt, thank God! It wasn’t huge to bury anybody, but it would have knocked people down the hill and hurt them that way. What a lesson about “not despising small beginnings” and the deception there is in “pride before the fall – the greater the pride, the greater the fall,” and how much you need to pray for discernment to carefully observe and “look past the surface” or you will be caught in the landslide coming!


I’m sure glad the Holy Spirit “will guide you into ALL truth so that you have need of no man to teach you” (John 16:13, 1 John 2:20,27).




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