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Mike’s Drum Lesson Photos – Students – Semi-Private sampling since 1998

Mike's Drum Lesson Photos - Students - Semi-Private sampling since 1998


Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Although most of the 5000+ Drum Lessons since 1998 have been Private, occasionally Mike has Semi-Private lessons, like a Father/Mother + a child/children and maybe even including a friend, or sometimes just friends.  It’s a little trickier because everybody is so different, but Mike will get one person practicing one thing and the other doing something easier or harder.  Then they can teach each other at home!  Mike is all about “teaching someone how to fish, so they can fish for a lifetime!”


See also YouTube Playlist of a sampling of Student Performances


Video:  10th-grade student Elliott Semonsky in his Drum-Teaching debut


YouTube Channel of 7 year-old student Hunter James


Become a Drum Student yourself!


See Resumes for a list of organizations that Mike has taught through.


Semi-Private Students of Mike’s can email Photos from the Contact Us page.


Since Mike has had over 5000 students since 1998, this is only a sampling:





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