Double Strokes Drum Rudiments


Double Strokes – Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups



Intro video for Double Strokes – Drum Rudiments for Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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Double Strokes Drum Rudiments – YouTube Playlist


Video – Intro to Spirit Music Meetups


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Rudimental Chart Collections containing Double-Stroke Rudiments:






Double-Stroke Rudiments - Spirit Music Meet-Ups


Note:  If a Double-Stroke is “expanded/relaxed/loosened” for a more “opened-texture” and given a Note/Time-value as with the Single-Strokes, like R R L  Front-Side Triplet or R R L R  Reverse Paradiddle, these rudiments will be found on the Diddles page.  As in the 4-Stroke Rolls R r L R, if the Double-Stroke R r is “contracted/compressed” for a more “closed-texture” into grace-notes of an unspecified Note/Time-value and connected as a Setup to a Principle-Stroke like into  rrL  R  Drag Tap, then this rudiment will found on the Drags & Ruffs Page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as all related on a spectrum of open-to-closed texture.


Note:  Double-Stroke Rolls have a Single-Stroke (often accented) at the beginning (R l l r r) for a Release rhythmic-energy-contour, at the end (r r l l R) for a Buildup rhythmic-energy-contour, or at both ends (R l l r r L) for a Dip rhythmic-energy-contour like a Samba, so make sure to practice them all 3 ways!



Video:  Billy Gladstone Uncontrolled-bounce Doubles using a Continuous Gladstone Free-Stroke


Video:  Billy Gladstone Controlled Double-Strokes as a continuous ‘Throw-Grab-Up’ motion


Video:  Throw-ups 1


Video:  Throw-ups 2


Video:  Throw-ups 3


Video:  Double-Strokes finger drills for Matched & Traditional Drum-Stick Grips to increase your speed


Video – 22PWG: Inverted Double-Strokes for even Double-Stroke Rolls, Shuffles, and more Drum Rudiments


Video – 22PWG:  Inverted Double-Strokes applying Lambano Grabbing


Video – 22PWG:  Double-Stroke Rolls Expansion to Infinity


Video:  22PWG – Progressively moving a Single-stroke Accent thru Double-strokes for different length Rolls


Video:  Double-Strokes: Progressively Rolling from accent to accent


Video:  Flams – Progressively adding Flams to start and/or end a Double-Stroke Roll


Video:  Drum-Tech-Stick Control- pp 29-30 Gleaning from Drumstick Control, Jeff Moore – Huck-a-Buck Rolls


Video:  Drum-Ruds-Doubles- pp. 38-40 Gleaning from Drumstick Control, Jeff Moore – Accents & Double-Strokes


Video:  5-Stroke Roll numbering


Video:  5-Stroke Roll counting


Video – 22PWG:  Get more ‘Horse-Power’ from 5-Stroke Rolls by exploring them


Video – 22PWG:  Get more ‘Horse-Power’ from 6-Stroke Rolls by exploring them


Video – 22PWG: God’s Perfect Number found in deeply exploring the 7-Stroke Roll


More to come!



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Share your blessings to help others - Double-Stroke Drum Rudiments for Mike Burris' Drum Lessons with Spirit Music Meet-Ups

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