9-27-2021 Revelation about John 12:24 Kernel of wheat buried in ground

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Jesus says in John 12:24, I absolutely am telling you the truth:  Unless a kernel of wheat leaves the other kernels on the stalk and falls prostrate – often a term for humility and submission –  eis penetrating-INTO-to-produce-a-specific-result the ground and/coupled is buried-into-the-ground-as-if-dead, the kernel remains-just-as-it-is.  HOWEVER, if it is goes thru this process, then it shall indeed bear-hold-carry much fruit.


How?  Because it sprouts into a completely-different-in-kind kainos ‘New’ creation.  The plant then grows IF WATERED and produces a bunch of kernels itself!


But it won’t if:


1) It does not leave the pack of kernels that want to remain JUST AS THEY ARE


2) It does NOT lower itself from its own high opinion of itself and being the captain of its own SHIP – JESUS said that if you do NOT hate your life, you will lose it end the end. Greek for “hate” does NOT mean love less as others try to squirm out of. The Jews hated the Romans, their enemies, not just loved less than themselves!  “God takes His stand or opposes the proud, but gives grace to the lowly. You have to fall prostate from yourself.  James’s “Submit yourselves to God” is before “draw very-near-close to God so He will draw-very-near-close to You.”


3) If you don’t take this fall ALL THE WAY into burial – Jesus repeated “if you don’t voluntarily take up your cross daily and follow me, you are will never see my genuine-life” – you never get his new creation. You get what you are, not what He is.


None of these words in Greek speak of a 1-time event but of repeated choices but everybody has to start somewhere.


Jesus is radical and gives radical results when we obey Him.


Otherwise we stay right where we are along with others doing the same getting the same results.


This is true for the Unsaved and likely 80% of the Church.


Time for us to all get back on track.



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