Dream – The monster of sin ravaging the world

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I remembered a dream the Lord had given me long ago of a giant monster ravaging the world, bigger than Godzilla, destroying every aspect of the world. Every person was in some form of pain and suffering from it, and no weapons of “might and power” that man could devise had any effect on stopping the monster. There was so much misery and suffering and so I wept with many others, crying out to God to somehow stop this monster.  Then I saw a mile-wide bolt of lightning from the throne of God pierce the sky, straight through the top of the towering monster’s head until he was disintegrated. When I asked the Lord what this giant was, He told me this was SIN “stealing, destroying, and killing” the world.  When it exploded I was stunned and asked what in the world was that powerful lightning bolt?  And immediately I saw the words, “It’s always been the same – My Love!”   Zechariah 4:6 gives God’s solution to the old covenant in order to produce the New Covenant (a): “No longer by might or power (b), but by My Spirit!” At the time, I thought that “love” was simply a “thing” that God (by His Spirit) possessed that I needed more of.  Wrong!  God doesn’t contain any “thing” – Every created “thing” is actually an extension of Him! <Notes> a) cf. Jeremiah 31:31-34, b) Hebrew/Greek for all of man’s external resources and internal abilities.




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