5-2015 Vision of a Football Field as Ministry





Sometime after 5/2015, I’ll never forget a vision the Lord gave me while sitting in a newly tiled living room after my roof actually blew off in a storm.  As I was praying I saw a brightly lit football field – so bright was the light in the middle of the field that you could only catch glimpse of arms and legs.


On the sidelines there was so much noise and commotion going on that you couldn’t even hear the game.  There were concerts, people preaching, services, bookstores, and people on their phones. The cheerleaders with their megaphones were trying to shout over this din, but the craziest thing is they were yelling “Go team, go team” to the people on the sidelines instead of to the home team stands.


I asked, “Lord why are they being ignored?  Isn’t anybody there?”  Then suddenly I saw those stands, dimly lit, sparsely populated with little groups of 2 or 3 people huddled together.  They looked bewildered at the commotion going on the sidelines.  Every time someone from the sidelines tried to go onto the field to join the action, the coaches held them back and said “No, you can’t – you’re not ready.  You haven’t done everything we’ve asked you to do.”  At this my heart broke.


I asked the Lord, “What does all this mean?”  Then just as suddenly I understood that the field was his Kingdom’s glory by the enabling-power of the Holy Spirit.  The sidelines was the bulk of Christendom, all busy with their Christian activities.  The home stands were “2 or 3 gathered in my name/authority” that couldn’t relate to the lifelessness of the sidelines.  The coaches were the Church’s leadership that had programs and schedules that kept people from freely joining the field’s action as they were being called by the Holy Spirit.  The cheerleaders were the Church’s leadership trying to bring “decent and in order” organization per 1 Corinthians 14:40 to the mess of the sidelines, but all the while ignoring their first duty to the home stands.  The home stands were Christians that see through the hoopla of the sidelines, but have given up getting past the coaches.  They long to be on the field, so they gather together with each other and seek divine intervention, divine visitation, and divine filling, saying “Lord, we love you, we need you!  Come Lord, come quickly.”


My heart was so grieved that I just cried and cried.  Lord, forgive the Church – most of them are so clueless!




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