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Bible-study knowledge won’t necessarily lead you to fellowship knowledge



My extensive studies on the Knowledge page make it clear that bible-study gnosis info-knowledge, sunesis connect-the-dots understanding, and sophia wisdom don’t require any fellowship with God whatsoever, and the scribes and Pharisees proved that!  The solution to immunity from false teaching or heresy is not more bible study as so many churches will tell you!  The bible is exactly what the Jewish-teachers were using to confuse Jewish-Christians!  In this case, you don’t fight fire with fire, as the Catholic Church also tried to do through “apologetics,” but with buckets of “Living Water” of the Holy Spirit’s revelational knowledge that only comes through intimate fellowship with Jesus!


Genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge absolutely requires fellowship through the Holy Spirit.  It’s the only way to actually be “taught by God” (a).  From 1980-1983 I was taught by the Church of Christ that you could have better fellowship with God by studying your bible every day to know the Word of God.  I was pretty faithful:  I had underlined and highlighted my bible; written cross-references in the margins; added a topical reference in the back; filled up notebook after notebook with study notes; created flash-cards to memorize key verses for witnessing and battling sin; attended a bible-study in the dorm every week and faithfully invited people to it; and went to Wednesday and Sunday services along with Friday campus ministry meetings.  Every one of these meeting had a sermon to take more notes from.  I can honestly say that the longest prayer in all that time was about 5 minutes, always asking God for something!  Their worship was 4-5 songs out of a hymnal with no instruments, followed by 30-45 minutes of teaching.  Just about the time you started feeling something spiritual happening in the worship, it was time to go onto something more important.  Sometimes their announcements or church-business meetings far exceeded the worship time and for sure, the prayer time.  And they called that a “Worship Service.”  I knew a lot about God from the bible!


But in 1983 after seeking God for a month in prayer after that church broke up due toleaders” vying for power, after I had my first Spirit-baptism where I actually fellowshipped with God, I found out that I had very little previous experience of actual fellowship with God.  After you’ve known the real-thing, it makes the counterfeit really stand out, just like bank tellers can spot a fake bill right away!  Previously, I always struggled to have a real fellowship with a God because I hadn’t had any distinct awareness of God since my water-baptism and not one person had either!  People would tell me, “Christianity isn’t about feelings but faith.”  But I found from exhaustive bible-study and experience that was completely wrong, too!  I never knew you could have God-visions or dreams, and could see akouo “hear” or eido “see” prophetic rhema words from God, because my church said that all died away with the apostles.  Careful study and experience proved that to be wrong, too!


But around May of 1983 everything started changing with my first Spirit-baptism!  Then another in 1985!  Then after much study of the bible and church history I learned that I was being lied to in many areas!  They were “blind guides leading the blind” (c).  Paul dealt with this very same problem with the Corinthian Christians who were just plain ignorant:  “Now concerning Spirit-kind-of grace-gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant (a):  You know that when you were pagans you were led astray to mute idols, however you were led.  Therefore I would not in fact have you be ignorant (a) . . . Now there actually are varieties of grace-gifts but the same Spirit . . . For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom and another the utterance of knowledge down-from/according-to to the same Spirit . . . to another prophecy . . . various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues.  All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit” (b). <Notes> a) ognoeo, b) 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, c) Matthew 15:14.


Once you are no longer content to remain “ignorant” but instead “ask, seek, knock by faith” (a) to “hear and see” from a God by the “good grace-gift . . . the Holy Spirit” (b) who is “not a mute idol,” you will never go back to just bible-study gnosis info-knowledge!  We have to “akouo hear/listen to understand Christ’ voice” (c) and “eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know His voice” (d) to actually be His sheep!  That’s why Paul prays for Ephesians Christians that: “the Father of glory may give you the Spirit of wisdom and/coupled of revelation in/by/with [singular] genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of Him, having already had, with ongoing results, the eyes of your heart that/toward/reaching you may eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know . . . hope . . . your inheritance . . . enabling-power” (e). Paul does the same thing for Colossian Christians, asking for “Spirit-kind-of wisdom and/coupled connect-the-dots sunesis understanding” (f). We must have revealed, anointed, prophetic knowledge!  Jesus reveals the Father to those He chooses (g). This is the “koinonia fellowship” difference of the New Covenant Way!  <Notes> a) Luke 11:9-11, b) Luke 11:13; Matthew 7:11, c) John 10:27, d) John 10:4, e) Ephesians 1:17-19, f) Colossians 1:8-12, g) Matthew 11:27; John 17:6, 26.


As Christian musicians, isn’t that what we want the worship music to accomplish – to bring ourselves and others into that intimate fellowship with God?  Well we can’t lead people to something we are not experiencing ourselves, even during that very moment!  You can’t give what is not flowing through you!  Don’t we want to offer more than the Pharisee-scribe expertise of the scriptures?  According to Matthew 15:14 and John 5:37-39, Jesus said they were “blind guides” that really didn’t know God even though they had “diligently studied the scriptures.”  Don’t you want to be directly “taught by God” and communicate this through your music? Shouldn’t your music just be a natural extension of your conversational-prayer with God?  Music that brings another Spirit-baptism to and through you to others?  The most powerful bands are those that surrender-control fully to allowing the Holy Spirit spontaneously guide them so that all of their music is anointed and prophetic!  Shouldn’t your music inform other of the Spirit’s grace-gifts instead of keeping them ignorant?  Shouldn’t your music be saying, “Come Holy Spirit – we welcome You to have complete control over all of us, even bringing signs & wonders?”




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