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These “NEW Songs” will have you foolishly shouting, jumping, dancing, and spinning



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As we saw in the last BLOG these “NEW Praise Songs” that are joyful, glorious, harmoniously beautiful, and praiseworthy” are completely-different-in-kind by the definition of chadash/kainos:  “fresh, completely-different-in-kind, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, unique, and superior.”  Most likely this is what Paul had in mind for Spirit-kind-of odes in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16, which are anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous instrumental psalms and acapella hymns.  And we will see they are rowdy!


Psalms 98:1-6 “Oh sing to the praise of (a) Yahweh a New Praise Song (b) for He has done marvelous things! . . . Shout/howl joyfully like a battle cry to (c) Yahweh, all the earth; break/burst forth in loud, joyful sound (d) with joyful shouting (e) with “hit, twanged, plucked, or twitched” songs with/without singing (f).”  The Greek has “Sing to the praise of (g) and/coupled jump with exceeding joy (h) and/coupled psalming (i).  Be psalming (j) to Yahweh with the lyre/harp, with the lyre/harp and the sound/voice of psalms (k)!  With trumpet and the sound of the horn, shout/howl joyfully like a battle cry (c) before the King Yahweh.” <Notes> a) shiyr, ado, b) chadash shiyr, kainos atos, c) ruwa’, alalazo, d) patsach, e) ranan, f) zamar, psalmos, g) ado, h) agalliao, i) psallo, j) zamar, psallo, k) zimrah, psalmos.


Psalms 149:1-9 “Shine forth clamorous, foolish-looking, boastful, adoring praise to Yahweh (a)!  Sing to the praise of (b) Yahweh a New Praise Song (c), His hymn of thank-offering, honor, or praise (d) in the assembly of the godly!  Let Israel brighten/cheer up/rejoice (e) in their Maker; let the children of Zion spin around with joy/rejoicing (f) or in the Greek: jump with exceeding joy (g) in their King!  Shine forth clamorous, foolish-looking, boastful, adoring praise to (h) or in the Greek: sing praises of thanksgiving to honor (o) His name with dancing, psalming (i) to Him with tambourine and harp/lyre! . . . Let the pious/saints to jump for joy/rejoice (j) in glory; let them shout and jump with exceeding joy (k) [even] while on their sleeping beds.  Let the lifted up praises (l) or height/high things (m) of God be in their throats . . . Shine forth clamorous, foolish-looking, boastful, adoring praise to Yahweh (n)!” <Notes> a) halal YHWH, allelouia, b) shiyr, ado, c) chadash shiyr, kainos atos, d) t’hillah, ainesis, e) samach, euphraino, f) giyl, g) agalliao, h) halal, i) zamar, psallo, j) ‘alaz, k) ranan, agalliao, l) rowmam, m) LXX: uqwseiv, n) halal YHWH, allelouia, o) aineo.


Isaiah 42:10-12 “Sing a hymn to the praise of (a) Yahweh a New Praise Song/Hymn (b), His hymn of thank-offering, honor, praise or glorification (c) from the end of the earth . . . let the habitants of Sela lift up (d) [their voices] or make joyful (e), let them exultingly screech or cry out from feeling (f) from the mountain tops.  Let them give glory/honor to Yahweh, and declare His hymn or good tidings/report of thank-offering, honor, or praise (g) in the coastlands.”  <Notes> a) shiyr, humneo, b) chadash shiyr, kainos humnos, c) t’hillah, doxazo, d) nasa’, e) LXX: euphraino, f) tsavach, boao, g) t’hillah, anangello.





As Christian musicians, do we want people to fall asleep in worship service or actually enter into the presence of God with completely-different-in-kind, superior NEW praise songs of the Spirit-kind instead of the flesh-kind?  Then we will have to play anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous songs that are so “joyful, glorious, harmoniously beautiful, and praiseworthy” that they have us “shouting and howling like a battle cry, exultingly screeching or crying out from deep feeling as from a mountain top, jumping with exceeding joy, dancing, and spinning around in such a way that are worship service is clamorous, foolish-looking, boastful, adoring praise to God, just like the little children we are called to be would act in the presence of God?  Sign me up!





Lord, guide us to Christians who want to actually be in Your presence and surrender-control to You, who are willing to be like a little child with You.  Lord, guide musicians to Meet-Up with each other to play this kinds of anointed, prophetic, and spontaneous songs.




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