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Forgiveness isn’t denying the evil of sin but taking it to the cross to destroy it and free us all



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Forgiveness isn’t taking a blind eye to sin, abuse, or persecution from others.  It doesn’t “call evil good and good evil” (a).  It doesn’t permit injustice and victimization by sweeping it under the rug.  Nor does it try to ‘change the subject’ or deflect from the issue as we see so many politicians doing nowadays.  Instead it “commits or rolls off your back” the “judgment of the evil” onto God’s back, instead of caring this heavy responsibility or burden of “just, fair, equitable judgment” (b).  This is certainly part of “casting ALL your cares/anxieties on Him because He cares for you” (c).  Forgiveness is total surrender of control by “letting go and letting God” do ALL the judgment on the Final Day.   <Notes> a) Isaiah 5:20, b) Psalms 37:1, 3, 5, b) 1 Peter 5:7.


Jesus said to His disciples that He was sending them out into a cruel world:  “Be akeraios unmixed-pure-from-ambition/guile as doves but as phronimos shrewd as snakes/serpents” (a).  This phronimos shrewdness is “how we size things up, an outward-behavior reflecting our personal-inward opinions/outlook/insight/mind-set, thus being savvy, shrewd, intelligent, prudent or mindful of one’s interests.”  How do you apply this in ministry?  “Don’t cast your pearls [of kingdom holy ‘wisdom and understanding’ of the Spirit] before pigs to be trampled by them and [they] turn to attack you” (b).  Christians shouldn’t be guilty of sin they could legitimately be judged for by others for, but they should be intelligently aware Satan will use people and situations to set you up!  <Notes> a) Matthew 10:16, b) Matthew 7:6.


EvenSpirit-kind-of people” need to be alert and prudent in their dealings with brethren “caught in any transgression” as they attempt to “restore him in/by/with a [singular] Spirit of/belonging-to gentleness – keep watch on yourself, lest you too might be definitively/wholly peirazo tested/tried-to-prove-the-quality-of” (a).  The prudent judgment we need is “Spirit-kind-of discernment” (b) to “discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (c) that is having “the enabling-powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil” (d), not just for ourselves, but situations we are stepping into in order to minister – see New Covenant Ways – BT16 and Least Among You – BT8. <Notes> a) Galatians 6:1, b) 1 Corinthians 2:14, c) Hebrews 4:12, d) Hebrews 5:14.





As Christian musicians, forgiveness isn’t denying or trying to escape the wrong done to you, but taking the evil (not the person) to the cross of Christ for his blood to destroy its burden and hold on you and the person that has committed it.  It isn’t dismissing evil or treating symptoms but destroying the source of the problem – the Law and the demon-lawyers that use it.  Jesus wants you to “nail the handwriting against you and them” to the cross.  He died for this per Colossians 2:14, but we have to lambano “grab this for ourselves” by trusting-relying-faith for it to become effective in our lives!  The Lord doesn’t ask us to throw our brains into the waste basket, but actually to be as “shrewd as a snake” and use discernment of the Holy Spirit to recognize good and evil while we are innocently unconditionally-loving as a dove.


Thus this ‘unconditional-love in action’ is key to the kingdom of God coming and God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven – it is central to ‘the binding and loosing’ we often hear about in the NT.  It is the only NT entole commandment given to SAVED people!  The process of “restoration to wholeness and health” that is integral to salvation involves our “reconciliation with God and people.”  We cannot separate any of this!  Sin, shame, and guilt aren’t “denied, suppressed, sublimated, or deflected” as the world tries to do.  Christians aren’t to treat symptoms!  No, we forgive or “throw away the Law of fairness & justice” against ourselves and others at the cross and nail it to the cross through total surrender by repentance, confession, and water-baptism for Christ’s blood-redeeming justice to cleanse US from ALL unrighteousness so He can be faithful to keep His promise to forgive US.  Yes, we can “loose” this forgiveness on ourselves and even on those who sin against us!





Lord, thank You for giving us more discernment as we come closer to Your Spirit.  It keeps us from the schemes of evil people and Your unconditionally-loving-favor-of-grace is teaching us to “let go and let God” by taking their evil to the cross to break the power of the Law to create sin and judgment of the Law to condemn everybody involved.  By committing or rolling this off our backs to Yours we become free from the Law and its judgment.  Praise Your Name!




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