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Video: Unconditional-Love - BT8: Downwards-Love overflows from God is Unconditional and THIS is God



Downwards-Love overflows from God is Unconditional-Love and Unconditional-Love is God



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Because of my math background I started seeing equations as God gave me understanding in the previous BLOGS.  It helps me to see complex ideas easier, but it may just freak you out!  “Unconditional-Love (L) IS ongoingly God (G)” so L = G because all the descriptive adjective-nouns that Paul use in “unconditional-love ongoingly IS/exists-as” phrases in 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 are the same ‘flavors’ used to describe the “[singular] fruit/essence/nature of the Spirit ongoingly IS unconditional-love” in Galatians 5:22-23.  Thus “unconditional-love ongoingly IS/exists-as these ‘flavors’ and all of this from the [singular] fruit/essence/nature of the Spirit” and because we know that the Father, Son, and Spirit are ONE God, we can thus say “unconditional-love ongoingly IS/exists-as God.”


1 John 4:7-8 says “Beloved, let us unconditionally-love one another, for this unconditional-love (L) ongoingly IS/exists/is-defined-as ek out-from-the-interior-of God (L = G) and/thus everyone [who is] routinely unconditionally-loving, [this one] has been begotten ek out-from-the-interior-of God and/coupled [this one] experientially, relationally, ginosko knows God.  Anyone who is not in possibility routinely unconditionally-loving, has absolutely in fact not already experientially, relationally, ginosko known God because God ongoingly IS/defined-as/exists-as Unconditional-Love.”


This is directly tying Horizontal-love of Christians to the Vertical-love that not only comes-out-of-the-interior-of God but ongoingly IS God.  John isn’t arguing that we “love our neighbor as yourself” out of obligation/duty to follow an OT commandment, or even Christ’s commandment to “unconditionally-love one another as I have you”, although Christians do have this ONE commandment from Christ – see Logos Word of God – BT16.  Instead John argues that Christians have been begotten out-from-the-interior of God that ongoinly IS Unconditional Love, so naturally (or should I say supernaturally) they will exhibit His essence/nature.  Can you see the “symmetric property” of equality in mathematics?  G = L and L = G!


Also, if a Christian (C) is born/originated from God (G –> C) because of our trusting-relying-faith in Christ per 1 John 3:9, 4:7, 5:1, 4, and is thus in intimate koinonia fellowship with God as His child per John 1:12, Romans 8:16, 9:8, 1 John 3:1, 10, and if Unconditional-Love ongoingly IS God (L = G) and if unconditional-love comes ek out-from-the-interior-of God (G –> L), then by substituting Unconditional-Love (L) in for God (G), this turns God begetting Christians (G –> C) into Unconditional-Love begetting Christians (G = L –> C), which is exactly the gospel logos message of John 3:16 that God so unconditionally-loved the world that He gave His only Son . . . that we may have eternal life” but especially 1 John 3:16 “By this we genuinely, experientially, relationally epignosko know unconditional-love:  That He (Christ) laid down His life for us” – We are begotten from God’s unconditionally-loving nature/essence that is eternal!  This is a vertical fellowship of God’s Unconditional-Love flowing downwards to us, making us completely-different-in-kind New Creations (2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 6:15)!


Read the next BLOG for even more revelation about this and more!





As Christian musicians, it’s just amazing how God can be unconditional-love and the very presence of unconditional-love be God!  It makes total sense that if His very nature/essence of Unconditional-Love (G = L) comes Vertically-downward into us as Christians (L –> C) in water-baptism to beget us as completely-different-in-kind NEW creations (G = L –> C), and the more we routinely get filled-to-completion or Spirit-baptized with the abundant-fullness of God per Ephesians 3:19 and 5:18 (more G = L –> C), then the more we will epignosko genuinely experience-to-know God and reflect Him in our Horizontal-relationships with people (P) that is G = L –> C –> P.  Can you see how God just flows through us to others?  We are but channels for God!





Thank You Lord for making the NEW Covenant completely-different-in-kind and superior to the old palaios “old, antiquated, worn-out, useless” covenant.  NOW You are “the One Teacher” who comes into us so we can simply focus on a vertical-relationship of unconditional-love, experiencing-to-know Your very essence/nature.  And as we do, You “work in us both to will/desire and to work Your good pleasure” just as Philippians 2:13 promises.  Praise Your name that you have kept it simple for little children and the other “least among us.”




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Spiritual Education, Unconditional Agape Love, Forgiveness instead of Judgment, Emotional Healing, Living like Christ, Galatians 5:22-23 are NOT 9 fruits but 1 fruit with 8 flavors, The Spirit is Unconditional-Love, God is Unconditional-Love, Agape Love comes out of God because it is God, Christians able to unconditional-love are born or God and know God, unconditional-love is God so proves God is in you and you know God, We know God’s unconditional-love by Christ’s death for us

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