Only 2 Commandments – BT6:  Christ’s only 2 commandments are so linked together they can’t be separated

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Video - Part 1: Only 2 Commandments - BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated

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Only 2 Commandments – BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated



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The “Word of God” is absolutely no longer the OT’s logos message of 613 commandments to live by to “be right with God,” but NOW is the NT’s gospel logos message of The Truth of God the Father’s, “unconditional-love for the whole world” (a) through His Son that consists of only 2 “sound sayings” (b) or entole officially-decreed, universally-binding “commandments” – combined into 1 integrally-connected, inseparable, compound entole “commandment” in 1 John 3:23.  Notes> a) John 3:16, b) sayings, words, or messages is the plural of logos: Matthews 7:28, 19:1, 26:1; Luke 7:1, 9:28; 1 Timothy 6:3; 2 Timothy 1:13.


This 1 commandment from God that Jesus faithfully preached, which all Christians “had from the beginning” (a) of their Christian walk has only 2 components coupled together by all the NT writers but especially Paul (b).  The 1st component is expressed so well by John 6:28-29: The Jews who heard Jesus preach said: “What must we ongoingly poieo DO-to-make, in order to ongoingly be energeo DOing/WORKing the ergon DOings/WORKings of God?”  Jesus answered: “This is the [singular] ergon DOing/WORKing of God:  that you ongoingly have trusting-relying-faith eis ‘towards and reaching the goal/purpose of’ Him (Christ) whom He (God) has sent.”  <Notes> a) 1 John 2:7, 24, 3:11; 2 John 1:5-6, b) 1 Thessalonians 1:3, 3:6, 5:8; 2 Thessalonians 1:3; 1 Timothy 1:5, 14, 2:15; 2 Timothy 1:13, 2:22; Titus 2:2; Philemon 1:5; 1 Corinthians 13:13; Ephesians 1:15, 3:17, 6:23; Colossians 1:4; Revelations 2:19.


Now concerning the 2nd component, to Christ’s disciples in John 13:34 and 15:12 Jesus said, “this is My completely-different-in-kind-superior NEW commandment to you – to ongoingly unconditionally-love one another just-as I have already unconditionally-loved you” – and this is even “for your enemies” (a), just as Jesus taught and walked-it-out, and so should we (b). <Notes> a) Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27, 35, b) 1 John 2:6.


Both components make up the “sound sayings” (a) or “sound doctrine” (b) of the NT gospel logos message of The Truth, which is “our WORK of trusting-relying-faith and LABOR of unconditional-love (c), just as we saw above that Paul often couples together.  Obedience to both parts of God’s single compound commandment is the only proof of genuine “love for the Father and the Son” that we indeed “meno abide/remain in God” (d), and that we indeed “have confident access by one Spirit to God in proserchomai drawing-near/close-beside, proseuche conversational-prayer” (e), and that we will indeed “have confidence for the Day of Judgment” (f).  See A 11-21-2021 Vision about Meno abiding<Notes> a) 1 Timothy 6:3; 2 Timothy 1:13, b) 1 Timothy 1:10; Titus 1:9, 2:1, c) 1 Thessalonians 1:3, d) 2 Corinthians 8:8; 1 John 2:6, 4:20; John 15:4-5, e) Ephesians 2:18; 2 Corinthians 3:4; Ephesians 3:12; Hebrews 3:6, 14, 4:16, 10:19, 35; 1 John 3:21, 5:14, f) 1 John 2:28, 4:17.


John says,This commandment is the [gospel] logos message that you (Christians) have heard from the beginning, so that you should walk in it – that we should ongoingly unconditionally-love one another” (a).  Just as the chadash/kainos New Covenant is by definition “completely-different-in-kind, one-of-a-kind, unprecedented, and superior” over the old covenant, so is Christ’s “kainos NEW commandment” over ANY commandment of the OT – even over the OT’s “love your neighbor as yourself!”  As we’ve seen, the definition of “neighbor” allowed Jews to “hate their enemy,” but not so with Christ’s NEW commandment! <Notes> a) 1 John 2:24, 3:11; 2 John 1:6.


At first appearance many see Paul and James opposing each other concerning trusting-relying-faith and works – see Only 2 Commandments – BT1!  Paul says: “What becomes of our boasting?  It is excluded.  By what kind of Law?  By a [OT] Law of ergon works/doings?  Absolutely in fact NO, but by the [NT] Law of trusting-relying-faith.  For we hold that one is justified/made-righteous by trusting-relying-faith apart from ergon works/doings of the Law” (a).  Paul promises:  “For with the heart one has trusting-relying-faith and [so] is justified/made-righteous, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved” (b).  <Notes> a) Romans 3:27-28, b) Romans 10:9-10.


Paul explains:  “For by the means of charis unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace [feminine] you are ongoingly saved dia thru-the-realizing-channel-of pistis trusting-relying-faith [feminine], and/coupled/especially THIS [neuter] absolutely-in-fact-NOT of yourselves; [it is] the grace-gift (neuter) of/belonging-to God (a).  The [neuter] grace-gift points back to the [neuter] pronoun THIS, but it doesn’t point back to the [feminine] pistis Faith or [feminine] charis Grace, but to the entire phrase “For by . . . grace . . . ongoingly saved . . . through faith.”  God is in control of the entire process and all the components of it!  Praise the Lord!  That’s why there is no room for boasting in anything except the Lord (b), particularly “in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (c).  <Notes> a) Ephesians 2:8, b) 1 Corinthians 1:31; 2 Corinthians 10:17, c) Galatians 6:14.


However, James says: “What good is it, my brethren, if someone says he has trusting-relying-faith but does not have ergon works/doings?  Can that trusting-relying-faith save him?” (a) and “So specifically (b) The Trusting-Relying-Faith, if in possibility not it has ergon works/doing, is-defined/exists-as unresponsive/dead/lifeless” (c).  Finally “you see that out-of/from ergon works/doings [a] person [is] ongoingly justified/made-righteous and/coupled/namely absolutely in fact not out-of/from trusting-relying-faith alone/only” (d).  <Notes> a) James 2:14, b) kai often means and-coupled, but can also mean “still, besides, also, moreover, likewise, even, indeed, namely, specifically”, c) James 2:17, d) James 2:24.


This seems to be the opposite of what Paul said above, like the two of them are arguing with each other through letters.  Paul didn’t think highly of these publicly hypocritical “seemed-to-be-pillars” like Peter and James (a).  However, on closer examination of the contexts of all the related passages, they are both looking at “genuine, saving trusting-relying-faith” from different angles to address different abuses in the Church – see Only 2 Commandments – BT1!  <Notes> a) James 2:9, 11-14.


Paul addresses Jews relying on the works of the Law, along with Jewish-Christians tempted by false teachers to do so, to make them “right and pleasing with God,” pointing out that without trusting-relying-faith in Jesus as “the Righteous and Holy One” (a), every single person will certainly die in their sins (b)!  <Notes> a) Acts 3:14, 7:52, 22:14; 1 Corinthians 1:30, b) John 8:21, 24; Ephesians 2:1-8.


James is addressing Jewish-Christians who pride themselves in beingthreskos religious in their observance of religious restrictions, fearing and latreia ritual-worship-serving God” but “don’t bridle his tongue” (a), who may be akouo “hearers/listeners” of the gospel but then “are forgetful hearers and not workers/doers of it” (b), who may “say they have trusting-relying-faith” (c) but then don’t take care of “orphans and widows in their affliction” (d), showing their lack unconditional-love for fellow Christians in need.  In fact, the wealthy in the Church were even oppressing poor Christians, having them dragged into court, and even sentenced to death (e).  These Jewish-Christians were even violating the OT’s “royal” Law of “love you neighbor as yourself” (f)!  <Notes> a) James 1:26, b) James 1:22, c) James 2:14, 18, d) James 1:27, e) James 2:6, f) James 2:8.


Paul, James and John deal with the incredulousness of Christians saying they know or love God but then don’t unconditionally-love Christ or fellows Christians as the children of God (a).  Paul reminds them that NOW the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant has 2 completely-different-in-kind, superior Laws:  “the Law of trusting-relying-faith” (b) and “the Law of Christ” (c) that is “to bear one another’s burdens” (d), which is actually the same as James’ “perfect Law of liberty/freedom” (e) where “mercy triumphs over judgment” (f) and in context this is “compassion for others that trumps a critical tongue and divisive favoritism the rich were showing at the expense of the poor brethren,” and these NEW LAWS are based on the “implanted logos message which is able to save your souls” (g), which we know is the gospel (h), not the bible and certainly not the Law!   <Notes> a) Titus 1:16; 1 John 2:4, 10, 3:10, 14, 17-18, 4:8, 20-21; 5:2; James 2:15-16, b) Romans 3:27, c) 1 Corinthians 9:21; Galatians 6:2, d) Galatians 6:2, e) James 1:25, f) James 2:13, g) James 1:21, h) Mark 8:35; Romans 1:15; Ephesians 1:13.


All the NT writers question the validity of people claiming to have “trusting-relying-faith in Christ,” claiming they are “saved,” claiming to “know or love God,” but then failing to exhibit the essential nature of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that they were presumably water-baptized into.  It seems that, just as is the case nowadays, there are many who can quote religious mantras like “God is One” (a) or creeds like “Abraham is our father” (b) or theological statements like “Our fathers worshipped on this mountain” (c), and then say they are “saved” or “right with God,” but then God’s essential nature of unconditional-love (d) that is supposed to have come into the person as the Holy Spirit (e) to prove they have been “regenerated, reconciled, restored, and healed” – that is, a saving,  relationship with God through Christ, well THIS is evidently visibly missing!  <Notes> a) James 2:19 and Mark 12:29 citing Deuteronomy 6:4, b) Matthew 3:9; Luke 3:8; John 8:39; James 2:21, c) John 4:20, d) 1 John 4:8, 16, e) Galatians 5:22.


James says to the religious Jewish-Christians that always quote their OT bible:  “You have trusting-relying-faith that ‘God is One’ – you do well!  Even the demons have trusting-relying-faith [in that] and shudder” (a).  Genuine, saving trusting-relying-faith is clearly more than mental assent or theological gnosis info-knowledge, but instead is a steadfast, relational pistis trust, reliance or dependence IN Christ – not Moses, not the OT, and not even in NT doctrines, but in the person of Christ!  When God’s righteous/just, holy, and unconditionally-loving Spirit comes to dwell in a person, this will absolutely grow impartial and equitable just, unconditional-love inside that person – and this becomes the “work of God” within them (b), empowered by the Holy Spirit (c), the unconditional-loving-favor-of-grace with us (d), “caused to obey My rules” as promised for the NEW everlasting covenant (e).  <Notes> a) James 2:19, b) Philippians 2:13; Hebrews 13:21; Ephesians 2:10, c) 1 Corinthians 12:6, d) 1 Corinthians 15:10, e) Ezekiel 36:27.


“False teachers, antichrists, deceivers, and workers of wickedness” always negate some aspect of saving trusting-relying-faith in Christ so they sure won’t publicly “confess” these things:  Jesus “came in the flesh” (a) or Jesus is “the Son of God” (b) or or “Jesus is Lord, Supreme Master” (c) or that Jesus “resurrected from the dead in the flesh” (d), which was likely part of the public water-baptism ceremony (e).  They invariably come as “thieves and robbers” of the “sheep of God” (f) to “cause divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit, creating obstacles contrary to the the doctrine that you have been taught – avoid them” (g), and thus violating Christ’s only entole commandment to saved people – to “unconditionally-love one another the way He did.”  <Notes> a) 1 John 4:2, b) 1 John 4:15, 5:5, 10, 12, 13, c) Romans 10:9; 1 Corinthians 12:3, d) Acts 2:27, 31-39, 4:33; Romans 1:4; 1 Peter 1:3, e) 1 Peter 3:21, f) John 10:8, g) Romans 16:17; Jude 1:19.


And they often disguise themselves as “false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (a), “false brethren secretly brought in, who slipped in to spy out our freedom [from the Law] that we have in Christ Jesus, so that they might bring us into slavery [to the Law]” (b), “false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them” (c). <Notes> a) Matthew 7:15, b) Galatians 2:4, c) 2 Peter 2:1.



Video - Part 2: Only 2 Commandments - BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated

Part 2


In fact, the “enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, and divisions” and other forms of “hatred toward fellow Christians, the brethren” that these people cause are a clear sign they couldn’t possibly personally know God, the Father of every Christian – despite what they say – for “pas ‘every of a kind/class/category of’ (a) the [one who] is routinely/habitually having trusting-relying-faith that Jesus ongoingly is-defined-as/exists-as the Christ (Anointed One, Messiah), out-from God has already [with ongoing effects] been begotten of/belonging-to God and/coupled pas ‘every of a kind/class/category’ (a) the [one who] is routinely/habitually unconditionally-loving the [singular One:  the Father] already having begotten [Jesus] also/indeed (b) ongoingly unconditionally-loves the [singular one:  a fellow Christian who] has been begotten of Him [the Father thru Jesus] – by this we ongoingly experientially, relationally ginosko know that we ongoingly unconditionally-love the [plural] children of God:  whenever we unconditionally-love God and/coupled poieo make-to-do the entole commandments of Him” (c).  We know in context this is NOT ONLY our trusting-relying-faith (d) BUT ALSO “whoever routinely/habitually unconditionally-loves God should also (e) ongoingly unconditionally-love his brethren” (f).  It is these 2 entole commandments that are combined into ONE in 1 John 3:23 as we’ve seen above.


<Notes> a) pas rarely means ‘the whole/entirety of’ but ‘every of a kind/class/category/portion of’ as here, “every one, the one who are routinely . . .”, b) kai sometimes can mean “even as or indeed or also as” as likely here, c) 1 John 5:1-2 – wow, this is bad Greek, but essentially John is saying the way to ongoing experience horizontal unconditional-love for Jesus and His brethren is to actually vertically unconditionally-love the Father and keep His only 2 commandments of trusting-relying-faith and unconditionally-love, d) 1 John 5:4-5, 10, 13, e) kai sometimes can mean “even as or indeed or also as”, f) 1 John 4:21.


The NT’s hupakoe obedience or “hupo beneath [another person] + akouo to hear/listen-to-understand/know, thus submission to what is heard/listened to” is completely different-in-kind than the OT, just as much as the chadash/kainos NEW covenant is by definition “completely-different-in-kind, unprecedented, sharing nothing with its predecessors, unique, and superior.”


OBEDIENCE is NOW anobedience to The Truth” (a) that we know is Jesus (b), thus “obedience to the Son” (c) or “obedience to Jesus Christ” (d), which is NOW the definition of “obedience to God” (e).  By our “obedience to confessing ‘Jesus Christ is Lord (Supreme Master and Owner)’ . . . for it is God routinely working/doing in you, both to desire/will and to work over-beyond-in-behalf-of His good pleasure” (f).  <Notes> a) Romans 2:8; Galatians 5:7, b) John 14:6 – see The Truth page, c) John 3:36, d) 1 Peter 1:2; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Hebrews 5:9, e) Acts 5:29, 32, f) Philippians 2:11-13.


OBEDIENCE is NOWobedience to the logos message” (a) that is the same as “obedience to the gospel of Christ or God” (b) – see the Logos Word of God page.  This is NOW how to “unconditionally-love God and/coupled obey His entole commandments” (c), which in context is combined into 1 compound commandment to “definitively/wholly having trusting-relying-faith in the Son and/coupled ongoingly unconditionally-loving others as Christ unconditionally-loved us” (d) – see Logos Word of God – BT14, even though Paul’s gospel thesis of Romans is obedience of [singular] Trusting-Relying-Faith” (e) that primarily focuses on the unsaved<Notes> a) 1 Peter 3:1, b) 1 Peter 4:17; Romans 10:16, 15:18-19; 2 Thessalonians 1:8, c) 1 John 5:2, d) 1 John 3:23, 4:21, e) Romans 1:5, 16:26.


Obediencehas been redefined in the NT, as so many words have – see Bible Info, because NOW by “one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous” (a) – no longer OUR obedience to OT commandments, but Christ’s obedience!  Religious people always say that “obeying God’s OT commandments or more that they create from the teachings of Christ is what counts.”  They will die in their sins!  There are only 2 NT commandments<Notes> a) Romans 5:19.


NOW it ALL comes down for the unsaved to have obedience to trusting-relying-faith in God’s unconditional-love through Jesus Christ’s propitiation by His blood – the divine, atoning exchange of Christ’s righteousness for our unrighteousness – that alone makes/declares a person righteous/justified to be saved (a) – see Logos Word of God – BT15.  And to the saved, it NOW ALL comes down to unconditionally-loving one another as God IN Christ first unconditionally-loved us (b) – see Logos Word of God – BT16<Notes> a) John 5:8, 8:39; 2 Thessalonians 2:16; Ephesians 5:2; Revelation 1:5, b) 1 John 4:19.


NOW genuine saving pistis trusting-relying-faith “trusts, relies, and depends” solely on the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and expresses itself by repentance – a total surrender to turn away from one’s self and turn to Christ’s rule as Master-Owner, thru public confession of sin and of trusting-relying-faith in “Jesus as Lord” that also makes you part of Christ’s Body or Church, and finally water-baptism to spiritually join with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection to receive the promised grace-gift of the Holy Spirit, which is a Spirit-baptism or filling that defined Christ’s ministry as unique from all previous Jewish water-baptisms.


When The Unconditional-Love of God comes into a person by God’s Holy Spirit then God’s unconditionally-loving nature (a) begins express itself as: “God routinely working/doing in you, both to desire/will and to work over-beyond-in-behalf-of His good pleasure” (b). That’s when “the patient-endurance of trusting-relying-faith in Christ and/coupled serving unconditional-love” of others (c) begins koinonia relationship of “working together as companions or partners” to accomplish God’s desired end – “to the perfection/completion of His unconditional-love” (d) in our lives – we are living just like Jesus did.  <Notes> a) Galatians 5:22; 1 John 4:8, 16, b) Philippians 2:13, c) Revelation 2:19, d) 1 John 2:5, 4:12, 17-18.



Video - Part 3: Only 2 Commandments - BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated

Part 3


As long as we meno abide-cohabitate-remain in the Father’s & Son’s unconditional-love (a) by “keeping His [only 2] entole commandments” that is “keeping My logos message” (b) of “trusting-relying-faith in the Son and/coupled unconditionally-loving one another” then we will be in a koinonia intimate-communal-partnership para alongside-WITH God “that makes ALL things possible” (c), which is WITH the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (d).  This is experientially, relationally ginosko knowing the Father and Jesus the Christ whom He (the Father) sent, and THIS is ongoing zoe genuine-life everlasting (e).  THEN we can enjoy the completely-different-in-kind-superior NEWness (f) and super-abundance (g) of the zoe genuine-life of Christ (h), who is our daily bread of zoe genuine-life (i), NOW living within us (j) as His Holy Spirit.


<Notes> a) John 15:9-10; 1 John 4:16, b) John 14:15, 21, 23, 15:10, c) Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27, d) 1 Corinthians 1:9; 2 Corinthians 13:14; 1 John 1:3, e) John 17:3, f) Romans 6:4, g) John 10:10, h) John 1:4, 5:26, 11:25, 20:31; 2 Timothy 1:1; 2 Timothy 1:10; 1 John 1:2, 5:11, 20, i) Matthew 6:11; Luke 11:3; John 6:33, 35, 48, 51, j) Galatians 2:20; John 17:23; 2 Corinthians 4:12. .


ONLY after the death of ourselves through total surrender via repentance, confession, and water-baptism described above, when ourselves as a “grain of wheat falls-prostrate . . . buried-to-die,” does it THEN “bear/carry much fruit” (a) WHEN we meno abide-cohabitate-remain in the Vine of Christ (b).  This glorifies the Father to prove we are Christ’s disciples (c).  We know from the only 2 commandments above that the nature/essence of that [singular] karpos fruit of the Holy Spirit is singularly unconditional-love” but is followed by the adjective-noun descriptions or ‘flavors’ of “joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith/faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control/mastery” (d), just as “a tree is experientially, relationally ginosko known by its [singular] fruit” (e).  The only 2 commandments is how we “become koinonia partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire” (f). <Notes> a) John 12:24, 15:16, b) John 15:5, c) John 15:8; Colossians 1:6, 10, d) Galatians 5:22-23, e) Matthew 12:33; Luke 6:44, f) 2 Peter 1:4.


Without meno staying-connected to the Vine of Christ, “we can do absolutely-in-fact-NO thing” (a) – even if we strive to do all the rules!  There is absolutely no indication that the completely-different-in-kind New Covenant was given to create a new theology of God to mentally ascribe to, a new set of dogma doctrines to believe, and a new set of rules to follow to live by in order to please God – more of the old covenant but somehow different!  Religion simply doesn’t work – that is actually the message of the NT!  The NT is about “preparing The Way” (b) to the Father through Christ’s blood and His Holy Spirit, clearing The Way (c) to a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of the unconditional-love nature of God.  And all the enabling-power of God is through this experience that starts and ends by trusting-relying-faith!   <Notes> a) John 15:5, b) Matthew 3:3; Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4; John 1:23, c) Matthew 7:13-14; Luke 1:79; John 14:4-6; Acts 9:2, 16:17, 18:25-26, 19:23, 24:14, 22; Romans 3:17; 1 Corinthians 9:12, 10:13; Ephesians 4:20; Hebrews 9:8; 2 Peter 2:2, 21.


According to John 15:1-8, when a Christian isn’t producing fruit, contrary to so much bad doctrine, often based on so many horrible translations of the bible, that create “winds of doctrine” blowing through the Church, the Father as the Vinedresser does NOT airo ‘cut off the branch’ and ballo ‘throw it out’ into hell as they erroneously translate!  He airo normally means “lifts up, raises upward, elevates, draws upward; take upon oneself and carry what has been raised up, thus bear; to bear/carry away what has been raised.”  This is the way the NT uses this word in 101 occurrences.


Every grape/wine gardener know that to keep branches from being eaten by small critters that travel under them, to keep them from being molded in the darkness, and to get the vines into the sun to produce more growth and ultimately fruit, you have to airo “lift them up and carry them” to the higher guide-wires and larger woody branches and tie them there!  That’s how you train vines.  That is what the loving Father as the Vinedresser does for us, those “branches IN Christ” (a).  These are forever saved Christians, who Jesus just promised in John 14:16 that the Father “will give you another Parakletos Helper to be with you forever, even the Spirit of [singular] Truth!” <Notes> a) John 15:2.


He also prunes the branches that do produce fruit, that He has airo “lifted up” previously – that phrase is coupled by the use of kai to the previous group of Christians.  It is not a separate idea like the use of the conjunction de would indicate.  I used to be a wine-taster for a restaurant and have been to so many wineries talking with the master gardeners, so I’ve seen this first hand!  These disciples “are already clean/pruned simply because of the [gospel] logos message that Christ laleo spoke to them.”  He said this to dispel any misunderstanding and thus fear of condemnation, just as Paul does (a). <Notes> a) Romans 8:1.


Yes, ballo means “to throw either with force or with purpose or carelessly.”  But you can’t understand this in English bibles because the Greek clearly shows that the actor that does the “throwing” has switch to the 3rd person [singular], “he, she, or it” and/coupled then “gathered” by “them” in the 3rd person [plural] to be ballo “thrown into the pur fire and/coupled it is kaio “set on fire, kindled.”  The 3rd person [plural] group is not the singular Vinedresser Father or Christ doing any kind of judgment of the “branches in Christ.”  This is likely a reference to an angelic group doing God’s ‘harvesting work’ at the end of the ages!  Judas had left Jesus to arrange his betrayal and Jesus is now referring to this kind of person, not the 11 disciples that have meno “remained in Christ.”


Jesus did just warn them of “the ruler of this WORLD is coming (a clear reference to Judas bringing the mob), but he has no claim on me” (a) and right after Jesus talks about the 11 remaining disciples “abiding/remaining to produce much fruit,” He warns them:  “if the WORLD hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.  If you were of the WORLD, the WORLD would love you as its own, but because you are absolutely in fact NOT of the WORLD, though I chose you out of the WORLD, therefore the WORLD hates you. . . if they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you” (b).  Clearly Jesus is bracing them for what’s coming!


Clearly, those “disconnected from Jesus” are part of the WORLD – they are ballo ‘thrown’ into the Lake of pur Fire, as John uses the same words in the book of Revelation to describe this judgment of those disconnected branches associated with the WORLD.


We also see a [singular] “unclean spirit making a father’s son mute and ballo throwing him down . . . even ballo throwing him into the pur fire and into water to destroy him” (c).  Peter says to Christians:  “Beloved, do not in possibility be-surprised-at a trail toward-reaching among you by-the-means-of-purosis fire-burning (d) taking place toward you, as though something strange were happening to you, but rejoice insofar as you share/partake-in Christ’s sufferings that you may also rejoice and be glad when His glory is revealed” (e).  Clearly, the pur fires associated with evil or the fate of evil. <Notes> a) John 14:30, b) John 14:18-20, c) Mark 9:17-18, 20-22, d) purosis from verb puroo from noun pur:  ignition, smelting, conflagration, calamity as a burning test or trial, e) 1 Peter 4:12-13.


When a person “disconnects from Christ,” like Judas, they experience “withering-away-drying-up” (a) separation from the zoe genuine-life of the Vine.  Then they become susceptible to the unsaved WORLD of men who will try to gather them up for themselves into their own “flocks” whether into bars, parties, gangs, terrorists, cults, or religions.  This is where Christians will really “get burned” from the WORLD, whether by 1 or a group because of ‘power in numbers.’  Remember, that it’s Satan and his people who “steal, destroy (corrupt, pollute), and kill” – not the Lord who came to “give super-abundant zoe genuine-life” (b).  Instead, the Father will “run out and great every returning prodigal son” (c). <Notes> a) John 15:6, b) John 10:10, c) Luke 15:20.


“Routinely/habitually aiteo ‘asking for, seeking or earnestly desiring’ the Holy Spirit” (a) and “routinely/habitually being pleroo filled-to-completion by the Holy Spirit” (b) that is the same as “the baptism by the Holy Spirit” (c), is the ONLY WAY “Thy kingdom can come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (d) can come true.  The Parakletos is “our ‘Close-beside’ caller, summoner, or inviter; helper, succorer, or assistant; encouraging teacher, counselor, comforter, or consoler; defense-attorney, judicial-advocate, or court-intercessor.”  Without Him there is no way “to do greater works” (e) than Christ did, nor really “be His witnesses” (f). The Parakletos Helper of the Holy Spirit is Christ, our first Parakletos Helper (g) on earth for every single Christian (g).  The Holy Spirit is the “living water” that flows from the Vine of Christ thru us branches connect to Him to grow us and produce fruit that we simply bear/carry.


<Notes> a) Luke 11:13, b) Ephesians 5:18; Luke 1:15, 41, 67; Acts 2:4, 8, 4:31, 9:17, 13:9, 52; Romans 15:13; Colossians 1:9, c) Matthew 3:11, 16; Mark 1:8; Luke 3:16; John 1:33; Acts 1:5, 2:38, 10:47, 11:16; 1 Corinthians 12:13, d) Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:2, e) John 14:12, f) Matthew 10:18; Mark 13:9; Luke 24:48; Acts 1:8, 2:32, 3:15, 5:32, 10:39, 41, 13:31; Hebrews 12:1, g) John 14:16, h) Luke 4:18; Acts 5:9; 1 Corinthians 6:17; 2 Corinthians 3:17-18.


Video - Part 4: Only 2 Commandments - BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated

Part 4


Unlike every other Rabbi who traveled with a scribe to write down everything they said, Jesus never asked for any of His words to be recorded, because the completely-different-in-kind chadash/kainos New Covenant would absolutely be nothing like the old covenant by definition and every verse that speaks of it.  Remember the prophecy in Jeremiah 31:31-34 cited in Hebrews 8:11 that now ALL of God’s children shall actually be “taught by God” (a) so that “they shall actually ou absolutely-in-fact-NOT nor me in-possibility teach each one his neighbor (fellow Jews) nor in-possibility each his brethren (family members) to experientially, relationally yada/ginosko know the Lord, for they shall ALL eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know Me – [but this time] from the least to the greatest.”  There’s a huge difference between being taught by men to know all ABOUT the bible in order to know God and being “taught by God” Himself through intimate relationship with His Holy Spirit!  <Notes> a) John 6:45; 1 Thessalonians 4:9 citing Isaiah 54:13.


This is the opposite of the OT dissemination/teaching of scripture down “from the greatest Moses to Aaron and his Cohen sons, through the Levites further down to the men from the other tribes, then down to the women, then down to the “least among you” children, slaves, and finally Gentiles.  No!  God didn’t promise more of the same but now somehow different!  And the “greatest” in Christ’s kingdom are those NOW “who are like little children and willing slaves of others” (a).  Remember the prophecies of Ezekiel (b) that “I, the Lord, will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk/live in/by My statutes (c) and/coupled to tereo carefully-watch/keep-guard-over My just-equitable/righteousness and/coupled do-execute-carry-out them.”  Christians are NOW the writings of God – see Logos Word of God – BT20<Notes> a) Matthew 18:4, 19:30, 20:16; Mark 9:35, 10:31; Luke 9:48, 13:30, 22:26, b) Ezekiel 11:19-20, 36:26-7, 37:14, c) appointed customs, manners, and ordinances.


Remember that Jesus told His disciples to not fret about how to testify or witness for Christ in their defense, “for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say” (a) and “He will guide you into ALL The Truth and declare to you things to come” (b) and “He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you” (c). <Notes> a) Matthew 10:19-20; Luke 12:12, b) John 16:13, c) John 14:26.


This wasn’t promised only for a handful of men 2000 years ago!  The NT writers are constantly reminding Christians to go to the “One Teacher(a) of the Holy Spirit of Christ instead of others for the answers in life, just as the John points out in 1 John 2:27: “But “the anointing (b) that you have already received from Christ actually, ongoingly meno abides-cohabits-remains in you, so that you have absolutely-in-fact-NO need that anyone should teach you, but as His anointing actually, ongoingly teaches you about ALL things and/even is trustworthy and/coupled no lie – just as it has already taught you – [I strongly urge to] actually, ongoingly meno abide-cohabit-remain in Christ.” <Notes> a) Matthew 23:8, b) see 1 John 2:20, where “the anointing of the Holy One” gives “you-all ALL eido mentally ‘seen’ to perceive/knowledge” – a real slap in the face to the Gnostics and Mystery Religions but all the “so-called wise and understanding ones” Pharisees and scribes who were trying to teach the Law to Christians.


Furthermore, the Great commission in Matthew 28:20 does NOT say “teaching all disciples to observe ALL that Christ said and did” contrary to what so many churches have said – it actually says “ALL that I have entellomai commanded you,” which is only 2 commandments!


But the Great Commission does say to “kerusso proclaim-herald-PREACH repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all nations” (a), “kerusso proclaim-herald-PREACH the gospel – “the one having already had trusting-relying-faith and/coupled [the one] having already been water-baptized shall actually become saved” (b), that “these [relatively few compared to ALL that Jesus said and did] things are written so that you may have trusting-relying-faith that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by having trusting-relying-faith you may have zoe genuine-life in His name/authority” (c), “making disciples/followers by water-baptizing them and/coupled teaching them to tereo carefully-watch/keep-guard-over all that I have entellomai commanded you” (d). <Notes> a) Luke 24:47, b) Mark 16:15-16, c) John 20:31, d) Matthew 28:19-20.


There is a big difference between “PREACHING, heralding, or proclaiming the Great News gospel” and “didasko teaching or instructing” bible dogma, creeds, doctrine, and theology.  And there’s a big different between “ALL that Jesus said and did” and “ALL that Jesus entellomai commanded” – which we’ve seen is simply “saving trusting-relying-faith in Christ and unconditional-love for others just-as Christ did.”


There is no indication anywhere in the NT that more “sacred writings” (scripture) were ever intended to be THE WAY Christians would “all be taught by God” (a), for the NT makes it clear the Holy Spirit would do the teaching directly.  Jesus said “My sheep actually, ongoingly akouo hear/listen-to-understand/know My Voice [of spoken rhema words], and/coupled I experientially, relationally ginosko know them, and they follow [as disciples] Me” (b).  Jesus didn’t say, “They will routinely read my words in a bible that finally comes together 300 years from now, routinely study them, have group bible studies about, and even preach or teach them from those pages.”  <Notes> a) John 6:45; ongoingly: 1 Thessalonians 4:9, b) John 10:27.


There’s a huge difference in the written logos messages or [plural] logoi sayings of the bible – see Logos Word of God, and the directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words of Christ – see Prophetic-Rhema, for “trusting-relying-faith comes from akouo hearing/listening-to-understand/know through the [singular] directly-spoken prophetic-rhema word of Christ” (a) – it only takes 1 directly-spoken rhema-word from Christ to you personally in order to get saved.  You aren’t going to get trusting-relying-faith by reading the bible unless somewhere between the gramma letters, Christ manages to speak to you directly, which has happened to me.  Christ will try to reach you anytime you mind rests for a second!  <Notes> a) Romans 10:17.


The Church issanctified-consecrated-made-holy by the washing-cleansing of the water (a) with the directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema word in order to be holy and without blemish” (b) – not by reading their bibles!  Also, “man does not zoe genuinely-live by bread alone but by every directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema word that comes from the mouth of God” (c) – not from the pages of a bible. <Notes> a) likely a reference to water-baptism – see 1 Peter 3:21, cf. Titus 3:5-7, b) Ephesians 5:26-27, c) Matthew 4:4.


For “the [Spirit] is who gives zoe genuine-life; the flesh (a) is absolutely-in-fact-NO help/profit/benefit at all.  The directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema words I have spoken to you are Spirit and/coupled zoe genuine-life” (b).  Unless Jesus speaks to you personally while you are reading your bible, good luck on finding “the Spirit and/coupled zoe genuine-life!”  Have you “tasted the good directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema word of God and/also the [Holy Spirit’s] miracles of the coming age” (c)?  Or do you just read about them the bible?  Are you trying to do battle against Satan by quoting bible verses?  Or do you have “the sword of the Holy Spirit that is the directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema word of God” (d)?  Are you quoting bible verses as you pray?  Or do you trust that “if you meno abide-cohabit-remain in Me and/coupled My directly-spoken/heard prophetic-rhema word meno abides-cohabits-remains in you, ask whatever you want, and it will be done for you” (e)?  <Notes> a) context: man’s efforts through the Jewish religion – see Identity, b) John 6:63, c) Hebrews 6:5, d) Ephesians 6:17, e) John 15:7.


Just as there is absolutely no indication that Christians were meant to use the OT commandments as their rule book to live by – Logos Word of God – BT8, or that they would get a long list of NT commandments to get busy doing in order to “be right, pleasing, and approved by God” there is no indication that Christians were to even use one ounce of their own “might and power” of Zechariah 4:6 to accomplish God’s will.  Instead the OT prophecies and NT writings make it crystal clear that “to will/desire and to work/do His good pleasure” (a) would only be possible NOW “by the means/instrument of dunamis dynamite-like enabling-power of the Holy Spirit” – see Spirit-power, through His “grace-gifts, miracles, signs, and wonders.” <Notes> a) Philippians 2:13.



Video - Part 5: Only 2 Commandments - BT6:  2 NEW commandments so linked together they can’t be separated

Part 5: Reflections for Part 1 – 4

Reflection for Parts 1-4:



As Christian musicians, just as with so many special terms, the NT writers redefined Logos Word or Message of God – see Bible Info, and so it’s “Law of commandments,” now to only 2 of trusting-relying-faith in Christ and unconditionally-loving one another just as He did this to us.  This is what was preached and taught in the gospel or “sound sayings or doctrine” of Jesus and His apostles.  Anything else, especially any part of the OT Law, was considered false teaching and false prophecy, always to drag “withered, dried-up, disconnected Christians” into the slavery of commandments, often for their own ambitions and financial gain.  These people always cause problems, division, and will involve “weak Christians” in fiery trials of this world, but God is faithful – He will lift the true Christians up higher to receive more of His Son-light and He will prune the wasteful growth away.  The only way to prevent this and produce much fruit to the glory of the Father is to stay “connected to the Vine of Christ.”


This is NOW how we have koinonia fellowship-partnership with God.  All koinonia sharing of divine nature and divine miraculous powers come from meno abiding-cohabitating-remaining connected to the Vine of Christ.  These are only 2 commandments of faith in Christ and loving others that Jesus told the 11 apostles to teach disciples as part of the Great Commission.  Evidence shows these 2 simple commandments were likely confessed at one’s water baptism.  Both are so intertwined they can’t be separated, being the very nature of God and His Spirit, so they should ultimately come out as the “good works” or “obedience to The Truth, Christ, the Son, Jesus Christ, God, the Word/Message, and the gospel” fore-ordained for us because of the indwelling Spirit of Christ, thus becoming “the workmanship of God,” the “Righteousness and Holy One of God” now being Jesus living in us.  Just as Zechariah 4:6 foresaw for the New Covenant:  “absolutely in fact NO longer by might nor power but by My Spirit.”


The “promise” was for the coming of the Holy Spirit “to be caused to do His statutes” that “He has written on our hearts by His Spirit.”  The “promise” is to routinely ask for to prophetically “learn from Jesus” and be “taught by God” from the routine/habitual baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit – it’s vital to The Lord’s Prayer of “Thy kingdom and will come” even being possible in Luke 11:13 just 11 verses from the request for kingdoms.  The “promise” wasn’t for a continuation or addition of gramma writings in graphe scripture.  Jesus never asked for anything of His to be written down, unlike every rabbi in history!  The “promise” was that God would teach us personally and directly by His Voice, our daily bread, His original “perfect will” plan in Exodus 20:18-21!  He is back to being “The One Teacher” by His Holy Spirit. The real promises in the NT are by the prophetic-rhema word to bring faith and power to the preached gospel’s logos word/message of God.


These 2 commandments are completely-different-in-kind and superior to any OT commandment. The little children and other “least among you” will receive from God the secrets of the kingdom before the proud “wise and understanding ones.”  The patient-endurance of faith and serving unconditional-love of others, like Christ did, can’t be separated as so many religious people try to do – both Paul and James are correct!  You can’t quote bible verses, or believe theological dogma or doctrines, or say ‘you know or love God,’ and have either of these 2 commandments missing, without being deceived or a liar.





Thank You Lord for helping me pull so much material together from an exhaustive 31-page study on this subject and boil it down for others to understand.  Lord, set them free by the Truth, which is not so much this information, though it can keep them from so much damaging error, but Jesus Christ by Your Spirit living in them, teaching them every day, so “with the anointing they have absolutely in fact no need that any man teach them.”  Praise Your name that Your NEW Covenant WAY is so simple that little children and the other “least among you” will ‘get it’ before the so-called greater “wise and understanding ones” who study the bible all the time.




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Spiritual Education, New covenant has on 2 commandments coupled into 1 – Faith in Christ and Love for others, The first from the Father and second from the Son, Obedience to both commandments proves we are Christians, Confession is part of Repentance done in Water-Baptism is the Work or Obedience of Faith required for Salvation, Paul and James and John deal with the Works of genuine Faith including Love, The Law of Faith and Law of Love reveal who really are Christians, Faith is more than mental agreement, Faith is relational trust and dependence, Faith in the actual identity of Jesus, Obedience is redefined from the old testament for the New Covenant, Obedience is NOW to faith and love commandments, Obedience of faith requires repentance confession and water baptism for salvation to receive the Holy Spirit, Sanctification or Holiness begins at water-baptism by the Holy Spirit, This is where koinonia fellowship with God begins, Abiding in Christ is keeping His 2 commandments to know Genuine Life, Love is the singular nature of the Father Son and Spirit, Faith & Hope that is future Faith and Love remain eternally, The rules of the bible that made religion failed, New Covenant is about faith & love relationship with God, Holy Spirit is the only power to do the 2 commandments accessed thru relationship with Christ, New covenant has on 2 commandments coupled into 1 – Faith in Christ and Love for others, Jesus never planned for more scripture writings because His Spirit teaches inside each of us, His Yoke of learning is custom-fit for each person, There is no more standardized one-size-fits-all teaching, The Promise is for the Spirit to write IN each of us personally, Christians are the letters of God, The gospel was preached NOT written, The Promise is for direct prophetic word NOT second-hand writings, The Holy Spirit is the power for obedience NOW

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