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Even the logos “Word of God” as the gospel can be powerless




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Even the preaching of the logos message of the gospel can be powerless!  But the apostle Paul confidently said:  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the enabling-power of God for salvation to everyone who has trusting-relying-faith” (a).  So what could make it powerless?  Paul explains: “I absolutely in fact did NOT come routinely, decisively-proclaiming to you the marturion testimony/witness of God with huperoche superior/preeminent speech or wisdom [v.5: of men], for I decided to routinely, eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know absolutely in fact nothing among you except ‘Jesus Christ and Him having been crucified’ . . . and my logos message and/coupled preaching/proclamation were absolutely in fact NOT in/by/with enticing/persuasive/skillful logos messages of wisdom [v.5: of men], but in/by/with showing-off-demonstrating-proof of [singular] Spirit and/coupled enabling-power (b), in order that your trusting-relying-faith might not rest in the wisdom of men (d) but in/by/with the enabling-power of God (c) . . .  but we speak of a wisdom (d) absolutely NOT of this age, nor the rulers of this age, . . . we impart a secret and mysterious-hidden wisdom of God (d), having been hidden . . . for these things God has revealed/made-unhidden to US dia through-the-realizing-channel-of (e) the [singular] Spirit.  For the [singular] Spirit examines/diligently-searches everything, even the full-dimensions/profundities of God. . . We have received the [singular] Spirit, the one out-from God, in order that we might eido mentally ‘see’ to perceive/know the things given-by-the-unconditional-favor-of-grace to us by God, which we also speak, absolutely in fact NOT taught by the means of logos messages (f) of human wisdom (d) but instead taught by the means of [singular] Spirit (g), Spirit-kind-of things/people interpreting (h) by-the-means-of-Spirit-kind-of things/people (i). The natural [from-the-5-senses] person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is absolutely NOT in fact powerfully-enabled to experientially, relationally ginokso know them because they Spirit-kind-of discerned (j)” (k) – see New Covenant Ways – BT16.


<Notes> a) Romans 1:16, b) kai coupling Spirit and power together is like saying “Spirit’s power” or “power of the Spirit,” c) By parallelism, ‘God’s power’ is the ‘power of the Spirit’ thus making God and Spirit” the same, d) human wisdom of vv. 4-5, wisdom of this age and its rulers in v. 6 is absolutely in fact not the wisdom of God in v. 7, e) Paul usually uses en pneumati in the dative case for “by the means of the [singular] Spirit” but here writes it differently to show movement of unhidden things through the Spirit to US, f) en didaktos + logos in dative case, places the emphasis on didaktos taught, g) even though Paul leaves out the phrase “of logos messages of wisdom” by parallelism, Paul is saying:  “revealed things . . . revealed to US through the Spirit . . . taught to US by the means of logos messages of God’s wisdom . . . by the means of the Spirit.”  Again, hou can see the emphasis on “through/by the Spirit,” h) joining together or combining through comparison/contrast, i) dative case of instrument.  In context, this means testing prophecy, even his teachings he claims are from the Lord, by calling other prophets and Spirit-kind-of people together to hear from the Lord and get consensus.  The idea of testing prophecy against the bible is foreign to the NT, simply another “tradition of men” and “wind of doctrine blowing through churches,” j) anakrino:  to judge/distinguish vigorously ‘down to up’ by closely, even forensically, examining, investigating, or interrogating, thus a careful study or evaluation, k) 1 Corinthians 2:1-14.


I’m sure “interpreting or discerning Spirit-kind-of things/people by-the-means-of-Spirit-kind-of-things/people” is what Paul had in mind when he told Timothy to “straightly ‘cut’ the logos message of The Truth” (a) in regards to his evangelistic calling (b) to preach/proclaim/herald the gospel (c).  Essentially Paul is saying from experience as a Pharisee that you can “[diligently] search the scriptures” until you are blue in the face, like the bible students of Christ’s day did, erroneously “thinking that in them you will find zoe genuine-life” as Jesus observed (d), and even be as zealous about studying the NT and preaching of the NT logos gospel message, yet still “always be learning, yet never able to arrive at a genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge of [singular] Truth,” who is the person of Christ (e).  How can this happen?  Because this “natural-man” approach of so many religious people simply can’t experiential, relational ginosko know these things of God, the wisdom of God, because they are Spirit-kind-of interpreted and discerned.  They have to be unhidden/revealed by/through the Spirit.  The logos gospel message by itself falls flat – it’s just as powerless as anything the Pharisees preached – if it is not accompanied with the showing-off-demonstrating-proof of the Holy Spirit “that bebaioo confirms/ratifies/guarantees the logos message by accompanying signs and wonders” (f).  <Notes> a) 2 Timothy 2:15, b) 1 Timothy 4:14, c) 2 Timothy 4:2, 5, d) John 5:39, e) 2 Timothy 3:7, f) Mark 16:20.





As Christian musicians, do we want to be involved into something that uses up a lot of our time and energy but is powerless?  Do we want to evangelize or preach, even a gospel message, that is powerless to bring salvation, falling flat on deaf ears?  Even if we use all our “might and power” external resources and internal abilities to bring superior/preeminent speech with enticing/persuasive/skillful messages of great human wisdom to preach the gospel, even with all the zeal of the Pharisees, it will be powerless without the accompanying signs, wonders, and grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit that are the showing-off-demonstrating-proof.  Without Spirit-kind-of revelation, interpretation, and discernment, the gospel will also be powerless!





Lord, we want our words to count!  We want them to have Your power!  We surrender our “might and power” striving for excellency of speech to persuade men of Your Truth of Jesus for their salvation.  We ask you instead for Your “By My Spirit” showing-off-demonstrating proof by accompanying signs, wonders, and grace-gifts of the Holy Spirit to powerfully-enable the preaching of the gospel for Your Truth to be revealed, interpreted, and discerned.  Amen!




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