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The Lord can teach you to practice and play by the Spirit with His skill




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When the Lord started showing me how “useless and worthless the flesh is” because my might and power” wasn’t even “a drop in the bucket” compared to His infinite Spirit-power, I started learning how to Spirit-practice without concern for my skill and professionalism.  That’s when I began to get Spirit-baptized with so much joy of the Holy Spirit as I explored my drum books, DVDs, and many drum publications, or when I just played from my worshipful feelings, so much so that I thought I would burst!  I also heard Him talk to me so many times during my Spirit-practice that I had to keep a journal in my drum room, and many things have changed in my life since.


The Lord told me, “That intense curiosity to explore, that adventure to learn, and that incredible joy you feel is actually Me, just as I felt when I invented music over eons of time, and I am sharing this with you during your discovery.  I share this with you so that you will enjoy it together with Me, and so that you will get to know Me.”  Gratitude and worship is a natural result of such communion!  The irony is that my skill level has increased profoundly because I love feeling so much joy and hearing from God, so much that I long to go into my drum room to experience more!  Spending time writing this BLOG sometimes is very hard because I’d rather be in my practice room, but I know I’ve been given so much insight about music that I can share with you here and also so much about drumming I can share with my students.  For more about practicing by the Spirit, see the Spirit-Practice page.


As Christian musicians, once you have been “taught by God” (a) even through Body-of-Christ ministry, you can apply this to your music-group practice and learn even more – see the Meetups page.  Once you gain confidence there, you can learn to do this publicly to the saved and unsaved.  But be patient with yourself because as children of God we need to crawl, then walk, then run, and then fly!  Also review the Might and Power, Promised Spirit, Spirit-Practice, and Spirit-Perform page. <Notes> a) John 6:45; 1 Thessalonians 4:9.



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