Dream – The Preacher saves America through Worship with the Holy Spirit





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I will never forget this long dream God gave me.  A bunch of us reporters were asking “The Preacher” who came to save America how He was going to do it.  After all, we have had millions of bibles, churches, preachers, sermons, and programs for a very long time, and America is actually much worse than 20 years ago!  We asked, “What are You going to say that hasn’t been said millions of times?  What are You going to do that hasn’t already been tried millions of times?”


He didn’t answer, but just pointed to this black woman from Africa who looked like a Queen with such fine, brightly-colored orange and brown dress and a fine jade necklace.  She was playing an instrument from every limb while singing the most beautiful adoration to God that you could imagine hearing.  We stood in absolute awe for quite a while, but then we asked the same questions.  Again, He didn’t answer but pointed us to Her!  This time we were drawn in closer to Her, but after a while we pulled away and asked Him the same questions.  Again, He just pointed to Her!  This time we were drawn in very close to Her, impossible to pull away, and before long we were all joining in praising God at the top of our lungs!  Then we knew His answer!


This was how The Preacher would save America – by drawing us into the presence of God through worship!  When I woke up from this dream, I was really set straight on the priority of worship, because I’ve never fully surrendered control to it, even though I’ve had many incredible experiences in worship.  My scholarly background in exegetical theology has always led me to be more focused on ‘the sermon’ to insure it was accurate – I’ve found that many pastors haven’t spent much time validating their own sermons.  So the Lord is setting my priorities straight and this BLOG is a result.




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