Benefits – BT8: Supernatural wisdom comes from anointed music




Video:  Benefits - BT8: Supernatural wisdom comes from anointed music!


Benefits – BT8: Supernatural wisdom comes from anointed music!



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King David says in Psalms 49:4, “I will stretch out my ear to a parable (a); I will open up wide (b) my insightful saying (c) by/with the lyre/harp,” which likely produced the rest of this divinely inspired psalm!  In other words, David was really listening for God to directly speak prophetic rhema words to him.  God initially gave him a wise saying that was difficult to understand, so he “unpacked” it by playing his instrument.  That’s when God gave him the rest of the revelation!  Man, God is good! <Notes> a) parable in Greek, but Hebrew means: a pithy or wise maxim, simile as an adage/proverb, poem, or parable, b) reveal, explain, c) the riddle, puzzle, problem, or conundrum behind the parable or proverb.


I can attest to getting bits of revelation from God that puzzled me greatly.  I pondered it for a long time.  Then He would give me more, but I never tried going into my drum room to hear more!  However, I can attest to going into a trance-like state (zoning out) while drumming and “seeing” visions and directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words from the Lord that I then wrote down, and as I played more I received even more.  I keep a notebook in my drum room for that very reason!  Sometimes He shows me insights into drumming and sometimes He tells me about His original creation of music and His feelings while playing it, which He wants to koinonia share with me in order to reveal Himself more so that I can get to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know Him.  Later God has shown me His thoughts during the playing of drums in parks doing Drum Declarations.




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