Benefits – BT5:  The Lord is bringing the Church back to “the prophetic” of King David





Video:  Benefits - BT5:  The Lord is bringing the Church back to “the prophetic” of King David


Benefits – BT5:  The Lord is bringing the Church back to “the prophetic” of King David!



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God showed me that King David’s 288 anointed musicians prophesied with lyres, with harps, and with cymbals . . . who prophesied with the lyre in thanksgiving and praise to Yahweh” (a), and there wasn’t even a mention of a singer or a preacher!  God doesn’t need human words to create prophecy – to reveal His thoughts!  And later in 2 Chronicles 5:12-14, these same people along with 120 priest-trumpeters with a multitude of Levitical-singers “made themselves heard in unison in praise and thanksgiving to Yahweh, and WHEN the song was raised with trumpets and cymbals and other musical instruments in praise to Yahweh, the house of Yahweh was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of it, for the glory of Yahweh filled the house of God.”  Whole-hearted surrender in the worship music is what brought the physical manifestation of the presence of God – not a sermon!  We see this in every revival in history!  <Notes> a) 1 Chronicles 25:1-3.


Look at the list of instruments that were used to praise Yahweh:  trumpet, shofar hors, lute, harp, 10-string harp, tambourine, strings, pipe, cymbals, and castanets (a), and Amos 6:5 says that King David even invented instruments for worship music!  To think that the Church of Christ had me convinced that God disapproved of instrumental music in worship services, and that instruments were of the devil!  In the other extreme, this Davidic worship is not the smoke-machines and fans that some churches use today “create an atmosphere” of the Lord’s presence!  Churches won’t get the real thing if they continue to use the “stones of the world” to build the Church – this is exactly part of The Great Wall quenching the Holy Spirit. <Notes> a) Exodus 15:20-21; Psalms 33:1-22, 49:4, 68:25, 71:22, 81:1-2, 92:3, 98:4-6, 144:9, 149:3, 150:3-6; Amos 6:5; 1 Chronicles 13:8, 15:16, 16:5-6; 2 Chronicles 9:11, 29:25-30; 1 Samuel 18:6; 2 Samuel 6:5; Nehemiah 12:27; Job 21:11-12; Isaiah 38:20; Habakkuk 3:19; Revelation 14:2-3, 18:22.


Furthermore, “companies of prophets” often travelled WITH their “harp/guitar, tambourine, flute and lyre before or ‘at the face/front of’ them, THEY prophesying” (a).  Here the Hebrew naba’ and Greek word propheteuo are used for prophecy as a “Spirit-powered forth-telling.”  Also, the original text isn’t clear whether the instruments belonged to a separate group of prophets, which are not mentioned, “at the face/front of” them, or the instruments were being carried “at the face/front of” each of the prophets who either were prophesying while playing or the instrument was prophesying itself or a combination, because “THEY prophesying” is not specific. <Notes> a) 1 Samuel 10:5.


It’s also no coincidence that the “the hand of the Lord came upon the prophet Elisha WHILE the harpist was playing and Elisha began prophesying” (a).  Anointed music can obviously spur verbal prophecy because the instrument that is prophesying is leading the way!  Is it any wonder that near the end of his life, King David charged that 4,000 of the Levite priests for Solomon’s future temple be DEDICATED to “offer praises to Yahweh with the instruments that I have made for praise” (b)?  Man, I wish I could have been in that band!  <Notes> a) 1 Samuel 10:5, a) 2 Kings 3:14-20, b) 1 Chronicles 23:5.




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