Benefits – BT4:  God will speak His prophetic rhema words directly thru anointed musicians





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Benefits – BT4:  God will speak His prophetic rhema words directly thru anointed musicians



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God directly speaks His prophetic rhema words directly into the hearts of the musicians and hearers during the playing of anointed, prophetic, even spontaneous music, whether a singer prophetically utters a word or not!   See the Prophetic Rhema page to fully understand these direct messages from God!  See Links & Resources Critique and Media for other people who have discovered this!  I used to believe that an evangelist or prophet had to be present at the park while playing such music if you wanted people to get saved, until God gave me several dreams and visions to tell me that I was “boxing Him in” based on “traditions of men” taught to me for years in various churches.  Then He opened my eyes, ears, and mind to so many verses that said otherwise!  These “prophetic rhema words” are strewn throughout this website for you to “hear” as well!  See Mike’s God-Messages and Drum Declarations.


In one dream I saw Christians warming up on stage at Reed Park near me, but being “by-the-means-of-the Spirit,” the “warmup” sound was so sweet traveling throughout the park that many people were strangely drawn to it.  As they got closer and closer they became more curious.  But once they got right in front of the stage, they were overtaken or “waffled” by-the-means-of-the Spirit and God spoke directly into their hearts and they were saved, and many were even divinely healed.  Nobody had preached a word and the band was just warming up!  Why “waffled”?  Because like two waffles heating up in the toaster at my house, the intoxicating aroma filled the house, and even flowed out into my yard.  Just like this, these people will be drawn to this “smell of the Spirit” – this is not the worldly song “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.  When they go near the stage, once they tasted the “golden melted butter” of the Holy Spirit on those two “waffles,” then they were trapped in between those two waffles.  They were “constrained from every side by The Unconditional-Love of Christ,” just like Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 5:14.  Many will get immediately saved, but some will go away very hungry, still smelling that sweet aroma, and so God will come to them in many ways, even through His Body-of-Christ, to satisfy their insatiable hunger.


When I told this to my friend Tony Balda, he told me of 2 actual instances that really confirmed my dream.  First around 1971-72, a band was warming up for their concert.  They were playing an old church hymn but at double the tempo and he didn’t recognize it.  However, as he stepped up to the front of the amphitheater with his bumper stickers and posters he sold at concerts, the Spirit’s presence of the Lord was so heavy it almost pulled him over, but all they were doing was warming up!


Second in 1982, Tony’s youngest daughter was an infant.  It was in the middle of the night and his wife just finished nursing and the baby was lying between them in the bed and they were all sleeping.  Tony woke up for some reason, and within a few minutes it was like the curtains of heaven were pulled back and he heard an orchestra of only violins playing in perfect unity.  It was the most beautiful sounding music he ever heard, playing a song that he recognized from church in the 1970s. At one point the baby started to change position and just the rustling of her clothes was enough to drown out the violins.  As soon as she became totally silent again, the violins could be heard playing that same song.  And after a short period of time Tony just fell asleep again.  He couldn’t understand what was happening at that time, but later he believed the Lord was instilling in his daughter the ability to sing and bring forth praise and worship with her voice.  She’s the only one in their big family that has that kind of singing voice, and at a very young age she became a part of a Worship Team at another church they went to.  The name of that song was: “Thy name is as ointment poured forth.”  Evidently, this is an “anointed song” that is played in heaven!


As for myself, shortly after I started this Spirit Music Meetups ministry, a prophetic friend named Dylan Cornelius who was helping me with the website coding, said this on 11/19/2020:  “I see outdoor worship jams in Tucson drawing people near.  I see people interceding for believers and unbelievers alike.  People are getting saved by the thousands!  The Spirit is falling outdoors – no more walls!  It’s the frequencies and sounds of heaven that are going to manifest through this worship and awaken people’s spirits to the idea of Jesus.  Their ears will be opened and they will hear!


On 11/20/2020, Dylan had another vision of a group of musicians playing the Spirit’s music at the University of Arizona mall – no words, just playing!  People of all ages, especially students, were drawn to the music.  It’s like they were hypnotized and couldn’t look away.  The Lord had drawn them there.  There are people on the outskirts interceding while the musicians play, and they also move as they are led to.  Some approach individuals and speak with them, others just proseuchomai conversationally-pray or intercede off to the side.  Once this is over, many will walk away because their “trance-like conversation with the Lord” is over, but many will also stay and want to know more.  It is there that the Lord will unlock the treasure chests that He has put into their hearts during the worship.  Many will come to the Lord!


I would be interested in hearing about any prophetic dreams, visions, or directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words you received about the future of evangelistic worship music in and outside the 4 walls of churches.




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