Vision of a stagnant Stinky Pond and the Entertainment of the saints





I had a vision of a pond of water that had been damned up so it was murky and really stunk.  A black man – I think Okongo Samson of Unite 4 Africa – and I were pulling boards out of it, but we were afraid to even stick our hands in it because it stank so much!  So I opened up the blockage to drain it first and then rinsed the boards down with fresh water, because we needed the boards to build something.  Once it could flow out, the smell went away, and life came back to it.  When I looked back and instead of a trickling stream, it was now a river flowing into what was now a lake!  This dream told me that the Church was “stopped up” because it was pre-occupied with itself by collecting money to build bigger buildings to keep up with Church growth.


Then I saw a room with someone playing drums and percussion in it, but nobody I was with wanted to go into the room, not even me, a drum teacher!  Although I remembered it sounded quite good technically, there was nothing drawing us in, and I said:  “It is not anointed; it does not draw.”  It was simply background entertainment.  So many of the 15 churches I’ve played for was just that – entertainment of the saints, but clearly not worship!




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