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Why is any of this important to worship musicians?




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Because their music will never be what God intended “by the Spirit” (B) unless they stop using “by the flesh” (A) “might and power” external resources and internal abilities to try “perfecting” the things of the Spirit like worship, just as mathematically A not –> B.  They must surrender control of these “fleshly, natural-man, worldly-success” (A) things.  Neither should “by the Spirit” (B) musicians think they are “free” to now tinker around with things “by the flesh” (A) and still get the same results because they are forgiven and under grace, just as mathematically B not –> A.  They will lose their anointing (B) that fast!  The Holy Spirit wants 100% control, so as soon as we interrupt Him with our “plans, programs, schedules, and pride of our own skill” (A), He will take His anointing (B) away ASAP and “go to the least among us.”  He simply won’t be controlled by men, as He has told me often!  He will not be suppressed or quenched – He will not fight back for He is infinitely gentle, but He simply moves on to those who are surrendered to His control.  Thank God, however, that He will speak to us gently about where we went wrong.  But listening is still our choice!


Many “ministers” are building their churches and music on their own “might and power.” They simply have not seen how the completely different-in-kind New Covenant Way of the Spirit is absolutely nothing like the old covenant way of man’s “might and power,” by definition and language and context of every verse that speaks about this, sharing absolutely no common elements, and that the “ways” of operating in each are completely different-in-kind!


As Christian musicians, we will never get to where God wants us in our worship music until we abandon all that unbelieving musicians rely on to make “successful” music.  Until we surrender ALL of the flesh’s natural abilities, we will never experience the supernatural abilities of the Spirit.  The 2 oppose each other!  Nothing in the old covenant can be “borrowed” for the completely different-in-kind New Covenant.  The Holy Spirit will not compete with man for control.  If we want supernatural results, we will have to “offer our members as living sacrifices, and wait upon the Lord for His filling and empowerment.



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