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“The promise” to be “taught by God” begins with “The Promise” of the Holy Spirit



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“The Promise” is not just an unnoticeable, initial deposit we receive when we are saved, which we have to simply take by trusting-relying-faith, as so many teach today!  The Spirit’s baptism, filling, outpouring, or coming of the Holy Spirit’s “living water” is very obvious to you and all those around you!  It results in supernatural manifestations or demonstrations of Spirit-power (a) to witness or evangelize (b) and the presence of overwhelming “unconditional-love, peace, joy, and righteousness” (c). None of this is gnosis info-knowledge but experiential, relational knowledge (d) and is in fact genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko knowing!  Throughout the bible, this intimate experience is symbolized as “springs of living water welling up from within your innermost being” (e).  This isn’t theological or imaginary but practical experience!  That’s really when you start to become “taught by God” (f) as this is the “anointing . . . so that you have in fact no need for any man to teach you” (g).  Yet, we see the Spirit’s grace-gift of prophecy being the way God uses Spirit-filled men in the Church to speak to His Body.  See the Anointing, Spirit-Baptism, Grace-Gifts, and Prophecy pages. <Notes> a) dunamis, b) Acts 1:8, c) Romans 14:17; Galatians 5:22-23, d) ginosko, e) John 4:10-14, 7:38; Revelation 7:17, f) John 6:45; 1 Thessalonians 4:9, g) 1 John 2:20, 27.


As Christian musicians, The Promise of the Holy Spirit doesn’t come unnoticed and only taken by faith as so many theological Christians will tell you.  There is no biblical or historical evidence of this.  There are clear demonstrations that prove the presence of the Spirit.



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