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A powerful vision about the no-guilt value of exploring practice



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Every time I sit down to practice, I try to go back to a vision the Lord gave me a few years ago  during a counseling session with a lady who operates with the grace-gifts of the Spirit.  As we were proseuchomai conversationally-praying over feelings of guilt I had felt for years every time I sat down to practice, feelings that I was wasting my time, that nothing really would come from it, that it wasn’t paying any bills or helping me be more successful, that I really should be doing something more important, and other really negative voices likes that . . . . Well after quite awhile resting, waiting, watching, and listening in conversational-prayer I suddenly got an amazing prophetic vision.  Now this shocked me, because although I get lots of God-dreams, I’ve only had a few visions since 1980!


In the vision, “I was on a beach looking at a little child playing in the sand with great joy, building a sand castle, while his father stood by grinning from ear to ear with great pride and sharing in the joy of his son’s creative exploration.  I was really drawn to his smile and still can’t get it out of my mind.  I couldn’t see any other part of the man’s face, just that amazing smile!  After awhile, I looked back at the kid and instead saw myself in a sandbox, but I wasn’t playing with sand – I was a little kid playing on my drum-set!  And boy, oh boy, was I having endless hours of fun, trying out all sorts of things to make music.  And then I saw that amazing smile – again only the smile – but it wasn’t a man’s.  It was my Heavenly Father’s – my “Abba” Daddy!  He had been watching me my whole life since I was 8 years old (wow, and I’m 56!), curiously exploring the world of drumming on my drum-set, all kinds of concert & orchestral drums, and hand drums & percussion from around the world.  And His smile showed that He absolutely, unconditionally-loved watching me, shared in my great joy, and was proud that I had spent my life doing this.  He watched over me and protected me.  He never turned His unconditionally-loving, caring, watchful face away from me – not once.  He never asked me to stop in order to do something more worthwhile or important – not once!  As far as He was concerned, there was nowhere else He would rather have me be.  He was WITH me there and I WITH Him – true koinonia fellowship, and that’s all that mattered.  There was no rush; this could go on forever!”  Well, after I came out of this prolonged vision, I just cried and cried with great joy, and I still do as I write this.


As I was editing this on 3/25/21, it reminded me of prophetic revelation the Lord gave me on 3/20/21 in the drum room:  If I am playing in/by/with the Spirit, is the Spirit thinking, ‘How can this pay off for Me?  How can I acquire skill from this to use to my advantage?’”  So I asked, “Why am I making such valuable time in the drum room for Spirit-practicing when I’m hearing voices that there are so many more important things I should be doing with my time?”  So the Lord answered me:


  • It’s My time, not yours.


  • I told you that there was not better place to be. Remember?  Don’t you trust me?


  • Remember My smile while you were playing in your ‘sandbox’ of drums? Don’t you trust me?


  • This is where you will hear, see, and get filled. Do you want this?  Is it any wonder that your demon-taskmasters would do anything to keep you from here.


  • This is where you will become equipped for ministry in My kingdom here and My courtyards later. You demon-taskmasters will do anything to keep you from your identity and ministry!


Have you had such a communication with the Lord that has encouraged you with your music?  Would you like to share it with others here?




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