Prophetic Rhema – BT4:  My prophetic rhema experiences illustrate the need for faith to prophecy



Video:  Prophetic Rhema - BT4:  My prophetic rhema experiences illustrate the need for faith to prophecy



Prophetic Rhema – BT4:  My prophetic rhema experiences illustrate the need for faith to prophecy



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Many times visions and messages came during my Spirit-baptisms so I’ve logged those on the Spirit-baptism page.  But there have been so many prophetic rhema words since and most haven’t been recorded except the early ones when I thought it was so unusual.  I’ve included many on the My Rhema & Logos Message page and Mike’s Drum Declarations.  Here are some examples of others:


In June 2012 while watching Tyler Perry Good Deeds movie, I heard the Lord call me to missions in Africa, but although I contacted Unite4Africa and took a missionary prep class at Pantano Christian Church, no church or organization in Tucson was going, so I stopped pursuing this.  Instead I continued supporting Unite4Africa and then Gospel for Asia missionaries.  In November I got very long dreams about God’s unconditional-love for His bride, the Church, and He showed me His interpretation of Song of Solomon – it’s all prophetic of Christ and His Church.  I wrote a prophetic commentary!  Amazing!


Later He showed me in another long dream that all knowledge of Him that is written down would be only be second-hand, especially after 1452.  Well, that turns out to be when the Gutenberg Bible was printed.  He told me that people were trying to climb up Christ’s cross like a ladder to reach the oldest books on top of the library, but that this was “trampling on the Son of God.”  The true theology of God was found at the foot of the cross and angels descended on it and then ascended – just as with Jacob’s Ladder.


Later on at the Gospel Rescue mission nobody but 2 out of 5 of us showed up to preach one night.  We were terrified, so the 2 of us worshipped in tongues for 15 minutes, surrendered control to “let go and let God,” and then we became very aware that God spoke right through us that night, drunks got healed and saved, and 1 kid had a prophetic vision.  Our meetings never were like this!


Then I had a series of dreams about Christ’s unconditional-love being the cure for all ills and setting people free, but the organized “church” had many rooms to captivate people’s various appetites and interests.  The Highway home just ended at this “church,” but realizing that this was to keep people distracted, I went out the back door to find a trail back to the Highway and many tired, poor, ragged, injured people were walking it.  When I walked with them I felt unconditional-love, joy, and peace as they helped each other – this was actually the kingdom and we were heading home.  I also had a prophetic dream about the demonic lies spoken to black people to continue hating white people, but the Lord was telling them: “Rise above it.”  Some of my best friends were black.  I had a dream about churchmen adding different colors to a bucket of pure white paint thinking they were improving it, but the Lord said it was then no longer His logos gospel message of The Truth.


Then the Lord finished healing me of pancreatic and adrenal issues just in time for me to get married.  After 53 years of not being married, in 2013 the Lord got me married to Charlotte who is fluent in receiving directly-spoken/heard prophetic rhema words from the Lord and even writing a book called What One Sheep Heard the Shepherd Say.  What’s the chances of that?  Well since then I’ve had so many prophetic dreams and visions I can hardly keep up recording them!


What’s the point?  You get from the Lord pretty much only what you have trusting-relying-faith to handle – if just the bible, then that’s only what you get!  If prophetic words, then that’s what you will get!  Of course, God can always make a rock, a donkey, or a hard-hearted high priest speak for Him, but His preference is for us to have trusting-relying-faith and relentlessly ask, seek, and knock, looking with eager expectation for His answer in proseuche conversational-prayer.  He wants to partner with us!


As Christian musicians, what are some of your prophetic rhema experiences and is there any advice you have for others to grow in this area, especially regarding anointed, prophetic, even spontaneous music?




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