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A divine dream and prophetic rhema word about the nature of God’s work.



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On 12/6/2020 I woke up from a very disturbing dream, and it turns out to be about this “Donations” page I had planned the night before to work on!  God sure does know how to “make straight and smooth your paths” as Proverbs 3:5-6 says!


In my dream I was a new hire as an IT guy in hydrology – see About Us page for my 15 years total experience in these 2 fields.  I had my suit and tie on and was carrying my briefcase – a typical experience in white-color corporations in the 1990’s – and was escorted in through security down a hall past a lot of cubicles and workers into a small break room with a coffee pot, 1 cheap hard plastic chair, and a copy machine.  I was told to wait there, and I waited and waited and waited for almost an hour.  I thought “What kind of company is this that are not even ready for me on my start date?  But then I thought how many companies actually were?  Almost every one I’ve worked at was missing some aspect of readiness!  In some cases I sat around for a week doing busy work while “the left hand caught up with the right hand” so somebody could actually tell me what I was supposed to be doing.  My other IT friends have told me crazy stories with their companies and the Veterans Administration, which is total inept!  My job with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management was a joke – people just moved one stack of papers from one side of the desk to the other and collected a good paycheck and pension!  Now in my dream, I felt worse and worse about how I was being treated and I was about to stand up and just walk out.  I felt completely devalued as a human being.  Then I woke up!


The first thing I did was say, “Lord, why did I have such a horrible dream?  It was so demeaning and depressing!  I asked, “How does that have anything to do with my life now?  I feel blessed to be working on this BLOG website and teaching my drum students.  My IT and hydrology careers were 10 years or more ago!  Why should I remember those days so long ago?”  I just laid there feeling depressed about all the years that I put up with so many demeaning people and impossible situations, so many self-serving bosses and employees, and so many manufactured crisis that just stressed people literally to death.  I laid there for 15 minutes wondering why I would have that dream now?  You can see from my About Us page, I’ve had some long career paths and a lot of small jobs between to get money for several degrees, a house, various cars, and my share of recreation.  Well I was about to leave the dream a mystery, get up, and get on with my day.


Then the Lord said, “You will never have another ‘job’ again.”  Well, I was shocked and worried.  I said, “I’ve never been without a job.  I need money.  I have to work!”  Then He said, “Remember how many times I’ve said that I wanted you to share something with Me, whether it was the joy, creativity, and exploration of drumming, the many colors of a beautiful sunset, the comfort of sleeping in under warm covers on a cold morning, showering your yard plants with water, or feeding the birds in your backyard?  Remember I told you that I was sharing My love for truth and justice in law with My servants fighting in courts and before legislative hearings to expose 2020’s extensive election fraud, and that I’ve shared this with 1000s of witnesses?  Don’t be afraid; I’m in control!  Remember how I told you that by sharing in these things with Me that the feelings you were feeling were a small fraction of My feelings that I have when I did, do, and will again do those things?  And that those feelings are not something separate from Me, thus not creations of Mine but are all facets of who I AM, My nature, My identity?  They are like facets on the diamond that I AM, like the subtle flavors of the complex fruit of the vine that I AM, or the many exotic flavors in a that soccer-ball-sized grapefruit you saw in the Spirit one day that I said to take a bite of?  Remember what happened?  You were filled with overwhelming unconditional-love, then tears of joy, that incredible peace, and as the day went on, I showed you even more aspects of Me.  Remember that I said you feel them, you feel Me, because I’m sharing Me with you in order that you will come closer to know Me?  You have already studied a lot about this genuine, experiential, relational epignosis knowledge and its koinonia sharing/partnership.  When I tell you that you will never have another job, it’s not to depress or worry you, but to give you something much better – ME!  Yes, you have always worked hard at every one of your ‘jobs,’ but that is over now!”


Now I’m really starting to worry!  I said, “I actually need more students and gigs, times are more uncertain than ever because of the COVID-19 and election frauds.  Who knows what more chaos BLM and Antifa have in store for us to disrupt our economy?  Who knows how much more aggressive China and North Korea will be?  And I don’t know how much more I can “cut back” to make things “stretch” before having to look for even more work!”  The Lord knows I’ve always had fears about not having enough, but He keeps working on me!  Then He says, “It’s always been about your work and your job, but that is over because I want you to share in My work, My job.  This is not work I’m assigning or ordering you to do like so many bosses you have had – I’ve shown you before the demonic spirit of the “taskmaster” that whipped My people Israel for 400 years, cruelly whipping them to make more bricks with less.  Haven’t you seen that in almost every business, that: “The love of money is the root of all evils” (a).  These are not more commandments, rules, regulations, and rituals to work on – that’s religion (b)!  No, this is My work that I want to do inside and through you to help the others I unconditional-love and want to share Myself with.  I want to share My work with you so that you will know My feelings about it and then know Me more genuinely.  You will never learn this in a book no matter what book it is.  You can only learn this by doing it WITH Me.” <Notes> a) 1 Timothy 6:10, b) See New Covenant Way and Only 2 Commandments.


Wow, what do you do with that?  I immediately understood many NT verses more deeply like: “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for great works, which God (the Father) prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (a), for “it is God who is routinely working in you both to will/desire/purpose (d) and to ongoingly do/work for the sake/benefit of [His] good pleasure/delight” (b), “equipping you with everything good that you may do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ – to whom be glory forever and ever” (c).  And I suspect that it has something to do with His October declaration to me (see “My Story” on the About Us page):  “You are an anointed musician, who knows what it means to be filled by My Spirit, who knows what it is to play by My Spirit, and one day you will play in My courtyards with many others that I have chosen.”  Tonight while deeply sharing in the sunset with the Lord He said, “Do you think I really need billions of angels to work for Me to accomplish My will?  Remember with 1 thought and 1 word by My Son We created the universe and I am still creating the same way.  Do you think I really needed Adam to name all the animals in the garden?  I made them all, so I certainly can name them!  No, I include others in My work so they can share in My feelings, so they can share in Me.” <Notes> a) Ephesians 2:10, b) Philippians 2:13, c) Hebrews 13:21, d) thelo.


And I suspect it has something to do with the BLOG website which He led me to create.  But neither of these will be anything like my old ‘jobs’ because they will be completely New in kind and far superior since they will be His ‘jobs’ that He will share with me – see the New Covenant Ways, Anointing, Might and Power, and Promised Spirit pages for how “New” is “completely different in kind.”


I would really be interested in hearing your conversation with God about the nature of work, jobs, what ministry really is!




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