Prophetic Rhema – My Rhema & Logos – 2021





2021:  Mike Burris’ Spoken-Rhema Prophecies from God & Logos-Messages from God



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12-23-2021 Revelation – Lambano receiving promised gifts of God by grace to epignosko experience them thru koinonia sharing


11-27-2021 Vision of Christ the Bed-Rock Altar for true bed rest


11-24-2021 Rhema revelation of the Lord’s Supper


11-21-2021 Vision on feeling meno staying-connected to Jesus


10-7-2021 Vision of neglected Garden Courtyard and faded Woman watching Ocean


10-6-2021 Dream of Christ as King coming with Evangels preceding


10-5-2021 Dream of Biden stealing bases and getting struck out


9-30-2021 Dream of Biden flying the USA plane off the runway into a ditch


9-28-2021 Dream – Light and Water for our vine to grow


9-27-2021 Revelation about John 12:24 Kernel of wheat buried in ground


8-30-2021 How my wife and I survived COVID-19


7-16-2021 Dreams – A war is coming but so is Love, Joy, and Peace from a divine marriage


4-15-21 Dream – Meteor pieces causing pandemonium on Earth


4-15-21 Dream – The Spirit power of Jesus will knock people down to rest in peace


3-14-21 Dream of Joe Biden driving the country backwards into great harm to himself and many others, forgiving him as deluded sinner like the rest of fallen mankind


2-17-21 Dutch Sheets response


2-5-21 Dream of having to back up a bit from too steep of a mountain


1-25-21 Deliver us from the Evil One – the Gold Rain will purge evil from the evil people too


1-22-21 Dream that Hamm radios on VA buildings involved in EBS that British will get first


1-21-20 Rhema that God will take His people forward even as they reject the prophets




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