Prophetic Rhema – My Rhema & Logos – 2020





Mike Burris here.  Although I’ve sprinkled my revelations from the Lord throughout this website, I’m going to try and keep a master list here instead of on every scrap of paper in my house.


I’m also going to keep other logos messages to the Body-of-Christ here so I they can easily find them.  And I’m going to chronologically order them with the most recent on top.



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Dream – Trump perturbed with family chaos, but then resumes course


12-30-20 Jesus is the Referee named COMPARED – everything is inferior compared to Him


12-26-20 Dream of 3 blindnesses or cripplings coming to America


12-23-20 A Vision from my wife about seeing Jesus in others


12-21-20 The Lord answers How did America get into this Mess?


12-22-20 Rotten soil thrown out and Fix leaky pipes, Expose talkers, Get living water


12-19-20 3 Dreams of God’s increased security over evil men and machines and Bunker safety for His people


2-17-20 Dream of the Spirit leading us in precision maneuvers for the Big Event


12-16-20 Dream of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the Son says to the Father that You have Got This!


12-14-20 Revelation of GO to GOd in prayer is the DO in reverse OD so GO + OD brings us to the GOOD of GOd


12-12-20 Two Dreams that the fear from election fraud is fake news because God is in control and can make us laugh


12-10-20 Confirmations in the sky of coming glory but not the way we expect


12-8-20 Dream about Buddy Rich and his Lifetime Achievement Award


12-7-20 The Lord is sharing the truth about election fraud to bring people into fellowship with Him


12-6-2020 Dream – The nature of God’s callings versus the World’s jobs


12-3-20 Rhema about God supernaturally replacing the stolen ballots to right the election fraud


12-2-20 Rhema of the demon Whine behind spirits & wine


11-28-20 Vision of demons that control vocal chords


11-27-20 Dream of speaking to crooked sticks and voting machines to be straight


11-26-20 Thanksgiving Dream of Syndey Powell as Peacock of the Spirit


11-19-20 Rhema to speak against the winds of lies & fraud blowing across the world


11-18-20 Repeating prayer of Holy Spirit, rain down fire from heaven


11-17-20 Revelation of God’s Heavy Hand of Holiness convicting election fraudsters to repent – 2 Spirit bombs coming


11-17-20 Worship Rhema of Flesh and Spirit music or anything can’t be mixed along a scale


11-16-20 Revelation to celebrate ahead of the New Day and New Thing God will do in the USA


11-14-20 Vision of sinful Body disconnected from the Head moves by rigor mortis


11-14-20 Healing from Spirit-baptism of Fire cooking the bad meat and purging sin


11-13-20 Dream of Terrible judgment coming against the lying media for their part in election fraud


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