Prophetic Rhema – My Rhema & Logos – 2020 – 2






11-8-20 Dream & Intercession of the Red Trump stock double-bottom breakout coming


11-6-20 Rhema to walk out revelation to really know it – all is possible alongside God


11-3-20 Waking revelation that the Massive Rock Fortress of restful peace is within me


11-3-20 Dream of God using Trump to keep promises to get God’s job done


10-31-20 Falling asleep in the Fortress Rock, Waking to a whistling nose, Surrender to the Lord’s humor and stillness


10-27-20 Dream of the Massive Rock Fortress of Christ to find rest and safety from sin in the world


10-24-20 Dream of running into The Fortress Rock of Christ for rest and safety against demonic attacks


10-23-20 Dreams of Church legalists vs Spirit-flow of kind joy and Twitter Exposed


10-13-20 Dream of Going with the Spirit’s flow to your death or be eaten by demons


7-29-20 Dream about a critical Frenzy demon ordering Stimulants demons to push us as taskmasters


7-19-20 Dreams of great darkness coming from evil beneath melting our tennis shoes


7-4-20 Dream of the Narrow Way to hear Jesus preach the gospel Way to Truth and Life


5-31-20 Dream about society’s foundations breaking up from underlying evil rising


4-2-20 Dream that Ace is NOT the place but Heaven is


3-15-20 Dream of Book of Life – past, present, future are all one with no surprises


3-22-20 Waking revelation of the Fortress of Solitude for training and protection


2-4-20 Dream of Jesus leaving the world harbor and being pulled to Him by yearning


1-25-20 Dream of 3 luxury types of meat to indulge for happiness or choose genuine zoe life



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