Prophetic Rhema – My Rhema & Logos – 2017





Mike Burris here.  Although I’ve sprinkled my revelations from the Lord throughout this website, I’m going to try and keep a master list here instead of on every scrap of paper in my house.


I’m also going to keep other logos messages to the Body-of-Christ here so I they can easily find them.  And I’m going to chronologically order them with the most recent on top.



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11-24-17 Dream – Billy Graham sewing up his preaching of the gospel before he died


7-19-17 Waking revelation – Caffeine is keeping me awake instead of hearing God in dreams


6-26-17 Prayer Revelation to pray through the problem by praying into Jesus


6-26-17 Choose to be filled by spirits of booze or the Holy Spirit


6-26-17 Dream of churchmen wrestling to control the Holy Spirit


6-14-17 Prayer vision of Wall & Window blocking the Holy of Holies – Speak to It to Come Down


6-12-17 Prayer Revelation – Nature sings most when it is resting


1-3-17 Dream that the Christian life is authored by the Holy Spirit




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