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Note:  These are an extension of Triples-Strokes and thus unspecified, also know and Multiple-Bounces.  If they serve as the grace-notes of a “closed” Orchestral Drag lzR and rzL rather than the more “open” Rudimental Triple-Stroked 4-Stroke Ruff lllR and rrrL  or standard Rudimental Drag llR and rrL, then these rudiments will be on the Drags Page.  The level of complexity and uniqueness of sound has caused others in history to classify them differently, but you really should view them as all related on a spectrum of open-closed Texture.



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Video:  Buzz Roll


Video:  Buzz Roll – Using a half-fist, thumb tip for sensitive/quiet rolls


Video:  Buzz Roll – Thumb position for sensitive/quiet rolls explained more


Video:  Buzz Roll – Press tight-to-loose exercise


Video:  Buzz Roll – Binary & Ternary Pulsation


Video:  Buzz Roll – 1-hand Buzzes – Press tight-to-loose exercise




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