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Please comment on the bottom of any page  according to the BLOG Guidelines in order to Meet-Up with others like yourself for fellowship on this website and teach one another, but hopefully you will also  Meet-Up to Spirit-practice music together in groups and then Meet-Up to Spirit-perform in public!  Although we’ve added a lot of content already that you can interact with, this is only meant to start the conversation so you can all begin fellowshipping and then take it to the next Meet-Up step!


We are primarily a fellowship of students and musicians teaching one another how to learn and how to play worship music that is anointedprophetic, and even spontaneous.


If you become even more excited about this ministry and want to help it move at a faster pace, you can share this BLOG website with others and even share in its financial expenses by donating.



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BT1:  There is a radical difference between the best “by flesh” music and ANY “by Spirit” music.


BT2:  The “By the flesh” music went right into the Church but some musicians know “the radical difference!”


BT3:  The anointed musicians and students become filled by the Spirit to overflowing.


BT4:  God will speak His prophetic rhema words directly to these anointed musicians.


BT5:  The Lord is bringing the Church back to “the prophetic” that King David introduced!


BT6:  Spirit-power against the enemy comes from anointed music!


BT7:  Supernatural healing from demons comes from anointed music!


BT8:  Supernatural wisdom comes from anointed music!


BT9:  Supernatural skill and confidence comes from anointed music!




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