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Trusting-relying-faith for anointed musicians for prophetic, spontaneous music



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They “Let go and let God” they totally surrender control of their “might and powerskill-set and performance mindset FOR God, which is the essence of religion, and instead have trusting-faith-to-rely on the “by My Spiritprophecy of the New Covenant in Zechariah 4:6, which is accomplished by being in a koinonia relationship with the Lord, and they sing/play para ‘close-beside’ the Lord “so that all things are now possible” (a).  They come to the Lord in proseuche conversational-prayer and they “present their bodies as a living sacrifice, set-apart or holy kai and/thus acceptable to God, which IS their logikos logical-rational-reasonable latreia liturgical-worship-service” (b), even “presenting themselves to God . . . and/coupled their bodily-members to God as hoplon instruments-of-warfare for righteousness” (c).  Hoplon in classical Greek meant “any tool or implement for preparing a thing.”  The Lord made it really clear that He used King David’s harp to play to heal King Saul of tormenting spirits many times (d), but the Lord has also told me many times while playing my drums in churches that I was driving out evil spirits that were in churches, with people coming up to be after and said they either ‘saw’ this or felt a ‘release of heaviness.’  While listening to my friend Shawn Laughlin plan a prophetic drum solo at Freedom Fellowship, a woman stood up and prophesied that she saw demons fleeing.  Yes, there are many demons in churches because they oppress Christians!  <Notes> a) Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27, b) Romans 12:1, c) Romans 6:13, d) 1 Samuel 16:23, 18:10, 19:9.


The Lord has told me many times while playing my hand-drums or practice pad prophetically in parks that He was sending waring angels out to defeat demons in the park, surrounding neighborhoods, city, state, country, and world.  I had wondered why the sound suddenly turned to galloping (1_+a) and trotting horse (1e+_) rhythms along with a military, marching, patriotic, rudimental sound!  I was told the Bonanza and Rawhide galloping sound is that of stampeding horses while the William Tell Overture trotting/cantering is what you see in official, royal processionals in England – that’s when the Lord Jesus comes out “on a white horse and is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war” (a). I saw His black boots that came over His calf with His uniform pants tucked in – they were so shiny they reflected His image, the sun, and the clouds perfectly!  When I asked why such shiny black boots, He said they reflect Me and my glory – all of creation, and they fit my stirrups perfectly.  That made me laugh but then I saw His legs fit the pure shiny silver stirrups on His white horse.  <Notes> a) Revelation 6:2, 19:11, 14.


Anointed, prophetic, spontaneous musicians don’t put their trusting-relying-faith in anything they ‘bring to the table’ nor do they dictate to the Lord what songs, the order of songs, arrangements, road-map navigation, the keys, the chord progressions, length of time for worship, or any other plan, schedule, or program. I know this absolutely wrecks most church services today because they simply have NOT surrendered-control to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I’ve been lectured by worship-leaders for surprising them by the direction the Lord took me during service, and scolded by musicians because I didn’t bring my charts that I created during my personal practice – they thought I was unprofessional and dishonoring to God, but little did they realize I am paid professional who is an expert at making charts, memorized my charts, and then let God know that He can take me anywhere He wants, even way off the charts.  After the service, people came up to me and said how moved they were, but not to any of them!  You can only go as far as your trusting-relying-faith will take you!


Anointed, prophetic, spontaneous musicians do NOT tell God what their plan is and expect Him to bless it and actually show up.  These people believe the quality of the performance FOR God is what is honoring and pleases God.  Wrong!  This is the essence of the Jewish religion that you see the OT prophets and Jesus consistently denounce.  It is repulsive to God, like “our righteous deeds being like a polluted garment” (a).  The Lord showed me a dream on 6-26-2017 of church leaders all wrestling to control the Holy Spirit, but He left their dog-pile and left their churches, saying that “I will NOT be controlled by men, even if they say they ‘invited Me’ and that they ‘want to be led by Me’ – Instead I will go to the ‘least among them’ no matter what you think of them.”  God’s musicians dump everything at the feet of King Jesus and say, “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever, and However (WWWH) You want to play, I offer my mind, my heart, my ears, my voice, my feet, my hands, and my instrument(s) for You to possess to do as You will for as long as You want.  I give you complete control and put ALL my trusting-relying-faith in You!  I will simply “Go with Your flow of the Holy Spirit.”  <Notes> a) Isaiah 64:6.


After playing in 25 or so secular bands and 15 worship bands, I’ve only met 3 musicians who even know what I am talking about, but I was so grateful to experience the night and day difference with them!  I also talked with 1 group that was doing this and I could barely stand up because the Spirit was pushing the guitar player from my band and I over.  They said they tried to be like other worship bands they had been in but they just fought with each other and/or struggled to be prepared for services, which had been my experience in all 15 bands.  They finally surrendered into just proseuche worshipful-prayer for up to an hour, then pick up their instruments with NO PRACTICE or PLAN, stayed in adoration, and just let God take it WWWH!  It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard, with NO MUSIC stands!  The result was everybody was either insanely worshipping or on the floor crying!  They didn’t play one song I had ever heard anybody pre-compose, because this was all directly from the Lord.


Paul called these special spontaneous songs “Spirit-kind-of odes (a), which are differentiated from pre-composed psalms that are instrumental-accompanied music, and hymns that are only vocal.  An ode can be either, but “Spirit-kind-of” makes this purely from the Holy Spirit, and the effect of this is night and day over the others, unless of course the Spirit possesses the musicians, but when this happens don’t expect the music to follow the page!  We are limited only by our trusting-relying-faith. <Notes> a) Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16.



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