9-30-2021 Dream of Biden flying the USA plane off the runway into a ditch

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2 nights ago one dream I clearly saw Biden trying to pilot a huge super Boeing jet airliner. He was in the cock pit, but although he was dressed as a pilot he just hopelessly stared at the controls. He had no idea how to get it down the runway let alone fly. A few minutes went by and a young man with dark hair in the co-pilot seat, gently said, “Don’t worry Joe I can fly it but I can only take over if you put a number “1”in the CENTER of this box on this FORM he handed Biden. Joe looked at the box for awhile and scribbles something that looked like a cursive “L” in the left side of the box. So the pilot took that as a defiant NO and sat back as Biden tried to steer the plane down the runway. It wasn’t before long that he ran it off the runway into a ditch and then a bog.


I woke from the dream  and told my wife who be Spirit-led knew immediately that the co-pilot was the Lord. I had sensed that, too. JOE has been asked by the Lord to repent (turn) of his many sins, but the biggie is arrogantly running his own life and that of the nation, poorly at that, but instead of confessing (admitting) this, he has obstinately refused to turn to (repent) Jesus to steer himself and the nation.


As a result, prepare to go off the runway, into a ditch, and into a bog.  I suspect this means bad stuff is coming. Prepare for a bumpy ride.


This reminds me of an old dream:  https://spiritmusicmeetups.org/2021/03/14/3-14-21-dream-of-joe-biden-driving-the-country-backwards-into-great-harm-to-himself-and-many-others/




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