9-28-2021 Dream – Light and Water for our vine to grow

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The Lord gave me an ‘in & out’ waking dream about cultivating intimate relationship with Him instead of expecting events:  He showed me a little vine in the shade sprout and very rapidly grow into the light covering some but not all of the corn stalks my eyes were focused on. Then it slowed and stopped. This was on a Slope so when it rained on the dry ground, much of the water ran past the plants. Then suddenly a berm like a speed bump appeared in front of all the plants. Then they grew more including the vine but especially during the gentle, easy and light rains. The thunderstorm deluge caused erosion runoff but not soaking in, and the biggest storms just drowned the plants. I asked if I should build a bigger well or rig up lighting for more growth? Silence. Then I saw “Ask, ask, ask, not do, do, do. A little each – a little here, a little there, a little now, a little then. I will do the do.”


I also understood the light was Christ, the vine was Christ growing in me, the corn was the me already there, my natural man focus. The rain was the Holy Spirit.


THEN I really understood the Chadash (Hebrew), Kainos (Greek) “unprecedented, sharing nothing with what comes before, unique, completely different in kind, superior” New covenant I had thoroughly studied and written a BLOG for others to share on:  https://spiritmusicmeetups.org/new-covenant-ways/


THEN I understood:  Relationship is not about big deluge events that we rightfully pray & long for (Ephesians 3:19 and 5:18 are routine habits) like baptisms of Spirit & fire, but about routine “a little now and little later” light of Jesus and also flowing rain & water (the berm only detained it, slowed it down to soak in, not retain it in a well – i used both methods in civil engineering hydrology). In my yard, plants thrive on routine drop irrigation on a timer – they expect that day.


And under the NEW Covenant the Lord does the doing (Philippians 2:13) and my part is the present participle lifestyle or habit of routine “asking, seeking, and knocking” Jesus often speaks of concerning persevering prayer, even of the grace-gift (not worked for) of the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13).  I ask, wait as long as I can at that time, and by trusting-relying-faith receive the light and the water – “a little now, a little later.” I trust even the feelings (the desire of Philippians 2:13) will even be DONE by the Lord.  No worries, just faith.


This greatly simplified my approach, as for little children and “the least among you” the kingdom is first ‘seen’ and ‘received’ and ‘entered’ by.  https://spiritmusicmeetups.org/least-among-you/


Thank you Jesus for answering my gnawing question. You are “the One is your Teacher” Holy Spirit so we have absolutely in fact no need of any other teacher (Matthew 5:38, John 14:26, 16:13, 1 John 2:20, 27).


Thank you for encouraging us thru others like Eric Gilmour who are akouo listening-hearing-to-understand-know Your Voice.


“My sheep akouo My Voice” (John 10:27) i haven’t found anywhere in the New Testament it says “read, study, analyze, and debate by grammar writings collected 300-plus years later into a biblio Bible, let alone Jewish graphe scripture – 200 years later, a Catholic theologian desperately arguing against the Jews was the first to pull the “well, we have graph scripture, too” card. Until then church fathers argued that NT writings were NOT graph scripture though useful for devotional purposes. Look it up. Not a lot of consensus until it was forced on them by a pagan Roman emperor Constantine to keep unity in HIS empire.  See: https://spiritmusicmeetups.org/bible-info/




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