10-5-2021 Dream of Biden stealing bases and getting struck out

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I was in a beautiful garden on a bench talking with Jesus and He was going to show me things to come. I thought about my life. Then I started dreaming in the dream and I saw a baseball game. The pitcher held the ball in his glove hidden from the man trying to steal a base – he was about 1/4 the way from 1st to 2nd just watching for his chance. He was a well-known “stealer” and I recognized him even though he was younger. I was in the outfield but came in closer very subtle-like not to get the attention of the “stealer.” I had practiced this move with the pitcher who moved to the back of the mound as close as he could to the “stealer” without being too obvious.


Then at just the right time, as I made contact with the pitcher, he stuck his left glove out in front of the “stealer” to make it look like he was going  to pitch, so the “stealer” would make his move.


But what the pitcher threw the ball behind his back at me so the “stealer” would see it, I had already quickly come in to catch this, I turned around and tagged the “stealer” then shot it over to first base and before anybody could figure out what happened, the “stealer” was out and had to walk off the field defeated.


This is what is coming!   The “stealer” was Joe Biden.




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