10-7-2021 Vision of neglected Garden Courtyard and faded Woman watching Ocean

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After waking, still lying in my bed, I couldn’t wait this morning to meet Jesus in His beautiful garden He had shown me before. So I put my pillow over my face to block out the world and went to the bright-white doorway He had showed me in previous visions.  I was told before that The Doorway is Jesus, The Only Way to actually know the Father because He is The Absolute Truth about the Father and thus The Only Way to have zoe genuine Life.  Jesus said He was exclusive – “Nobody comes to the Father except by Me.”  I really can’t see how the Inter-faith movement gets around this!  How to churches get suckered into this?  All roads do NOT lead to God.  Anybody who has actually met Jesus will tell you this is a lie from the pit of hell!


I walked through the bright Doorway, so bright you can never see what is on the other side unless you go through the Doorway.  Arm-chair spectators will never know The Truth until they go through The Door who is Christ.  They can never know what’s on the other side, even if they read the bible a 1000 times!  I expected there to be a pathway of green lilies with dainty white flowers and a yellow center, which led into a beautiful forest as in my other garden visions, so soft that I am always barefoot.  Instead I walked out into a long narrow courtyard with ancient deep red brick walls.  The garden plants were all dead, but you could see the debris where they once thrived.  There were many dead roses.  Cobwebs and leaves abounded.  There were also empty garden tool shelves with molded leaves in the corner.  Above the walls were dirty white walls that rose high up with very small panes of glass each the size of a brick.  It looked ancient!  The glass was caked with dirt so the rooms on the other side must have been dark.  I asked if I were to clean it up and re-plant it, though I knew it would take a long time?


Then I realized I was looking through the eyes of another Man as He picked up 2 ancient, thick branches that had been nailed together to form a ‘T.’  He used it as a “crutch” to help lift Himself up from working with the soil and cleaning up debris.  Then He lifted it up high, and then out of the part where the 2 branches came together, shot a stream of Water that He cleaned the windows with – it didn’t take much of this Water to make each pane as clear as crystal and then the Light streamed back into the rooms.  He also put Seed into the ground, used this Water on them, and instantly a plant appeared.  He hung up shade cloth for some tender plants by using pure-gold acorns I saw in the corners of those tool shelves.  They stuck like super-magnets, but to anything!  Then I saw Him put 2 security monitoring TVs on a shelf to keep watch over the garden.


I asked what this place was?  The Lord said “It was the Church in the beginning but it had been neglected for a long time.”


At the end of this long garden courtyard, I saw an ornate iron gate, also overgrown with vines.  I went through it, anxious to see more.  It led down some narrow stairs, for “narrow is the Way that leads to eternal life and few travel it,” to intersect with a paved pathway to left and the right.  This pathways was high up on an embankment parallel to and overlooking the ocean, very much like the walk/skate pathways in many parts of California.


I turned the corner from the stairs and there on the left sitting on a bench looking out over the ocean was an old, heavy-set woman in a faded blue summer dress with lots of tiny faded flowers on it.  She said nothing, just staring at the ocean as I knew she was reminiscing about “the good old days.”  I could tell that once she was young, beautiful, and full of garden-like Life, but she had sat here so long watching the people passing by and the ocean at a distance – I was told from many other visions this was the unsaved world – so long that she had grown old, wrinkly, fat, and her ‘glory’ had all faded away by “the under the sun” beating.  This reminded me of the repeating phrase “under the sun” of the depressing book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament!


I asked who she was?  The Lord said, “It was once the Church in the beginning but My glory faded from her as she sat down close to home and just watched the world from afar.”  They had stopped feeding of Christ as the Bread of Life and the Living Water of the Holy Spirit.  Evidently, the Catholic “Masses” and Protestant “Suppers” haven’t been very real but often just “a form/appearance of godliness that denies the power of it,” just as Paul warned would come into the Church.


Then I saw another gate going down towards the ocean.  The stairs were much wider – for “wide is the path of destruction and many travel it,” and the ancient iron railings and lamp-posts were still leading so many to the ocean, the world of mere men, and hopelessness.  But again, the lines of class-rooms, businesses, and homes all had filthy windows so very little light could enter them.  These stairs seemed endless and I got more and more depressed and hopeless as they made their way to the sea of humanity.


Apparently, the Church “woman” had got stuck inside her house, then didn’t take care of her garden, and then just sat outside her gate to watch the world decay.  She didn’t take the Seed or the “watering/washing” Cross out to keep the windows clean for the Light to reach people with The Truth.  She just sat, grew fat, and faded “under the sun” of the world.  Really depressing!


My vision had gone an hour and I needed to get up for the bathroom.  The last part really saddened me, so I asked the Lord to be with me later in the day to lift my spirits.  We’ll see what happens!


The positive part was seeing that although the Church had dropped the ball, Jesus is personally re-planting the garden and cleaning up the messes and windows of the Church for His Light to once again stream in.  So we will see more changes just supernaturally occurring.



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