4-15-21 Dream – The Spirit power of Jesus will knock people down to rest in peace

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I was standing in my old front yard that I later understood represented families & neighborhoods and saw a white, glowing stick figure of a man in the middle of the yard, like those electronic crosswalk signs have.  There was an outline of light around the figure, then another outline after that, and another spreading further out in all directions across the yard.  I was spellbound watching it come toward me.  When it got to me I lost all strength and fell backwards like a stiff board, afraid I would hit my head on the ground, powerless to do anything about it!   But my body never hit the ground that I could tell.  All fear left and I felt the greatest peaceful rest come over me.  I could have stayed there forever!


When I woke, I remember in 1983 praying before school while standing, and when I turned around I had lost all ability to stand and was afraid I would crack my head on the cement, but somehow I didn’t.  Now I knew the Lord had “slain me in the Spirit” in my sleep and was telling me the importance of peaceful rest from over-working.


He also said this is what is coming to America to bring peace.  People are fighting each other to find peaceful rest.  How stupid is that!




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