3-14-21 Dream of Joe Biden driving the country backwards into great harm to himself and many others, forgiving him as deluded sinner like the rest of fallen mankind






In this God-dream, I was driving down the road at the posted speed limit of 40 mph on a residential area’s main thoroughfare and I came up on a sky-blue, tree-hugger’s Prius car – foolishly, it actually uses more net-Carbon footprint to produce the batteries than you would ever save from not using driving a gas vehicle, and man are they expensive.  Tesla is even crazier!  The white-masked driver was facing me, so at first I thought he was driving toward me.  When I came up sort of behind him, I found out he was actually going about 25 mph and looked like he had been in several accidents because his back bumper and corner-panels were missing, exposing the true ugliness of the car.  I only noticed this when I finally passed him on the right – yes, he had crossed over the center lane long ago and was practically in the left lane!  Before this, I noticed that periodically his masked face would just disappear and I wondered who was driving the car – it was when he fell asleep and fell over into the passenger seat!  Maybe the car was specially-rigged to be self-driving like the Tesla’s can be or more likely was being remotely-driven like a drone is!  I did notice a strange-looking antennae on the roof like a Google car!  This is the crazy thing:  he was actually driving backwards in reverse at top speed of 25 mph with his engine just whining away!  He had a large rear-view mirror that took up 1/3 of the top portion of his windshield and he was just blindly staring into it, completely oblivious that I was right in front of him motioning him to pull over and get fully out of the way so I could pass him on the right side of the road, the correct side, where he should be driving if he had any sense at all!


When I got closer to pass him, I recognized it was Sleepy Joe Biden and his mask was a white Depends diaper strapped around his face to catch all the c… and s… that comes out of his mouth on a regular basis.  I yelled  “Joe, you know you are driving backwards in the left lane – that’s why your engine is maxed out!”  He looked saddeningly bewildered and stuttered, “I am?”  Eventually we both entered into a busy intersection and traffic was coming at us.  All I could do is hope that he understood and got turned around in time or there would be a big, bad accident where he most likely would die.  But I couldn’t wait around to see because I had to get out in front of the traffic myself and get on with my own journey.  There is a point when you have to just look out for your own safety and DO THE RIGHT thing regardless of the errors of others.


When I woke from this dream I felt real sadness and pity for Joe Biden.  This feeling was definitely from God because at the gym when I see Joe’s face and hear the c… and s… pile of deceit that comes from his mouth, I visibly give him double-thumbs down and loudly pronounce, “Pure garbage!” at the TV – I want everybody to know what a loser this guy is, even I make a little scene.  I am hoping that if 80 million people would speak out in public, even making “a little scene,” that the other dim-witted sheep will see his approval rating go to 20% where it really should be, and then maybe the military will have the guts to end this charade, bring out the volumes of truth of the election fraud that Radcliff never revealed and that the NSA is sitting on, and finally get off their duffs and hold a fair & just military-run re-election for all ballet issues & candidates. Pie in the sky dream, I know!  Miracle of God stuff!  I have the Spirit of DISCERNMENT when I watch the news and hear God loud and clear on that bunch of bull coming from Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer!  The bible makes it clear in 1 Thessalonians 2:9-12:  The coming of the lawless one (anti-Christ) is by the activity of Satan (Lucifer) with all [kinds and qualities of] power and/related false signs and/coupled wonders, and/related with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love The Truth (Jesus, John 14:6, and the truth His sheep hear directly from Him – John 10:27) and so be saved – rescued from harm coming our way, having a repaired relationship with Him and others, and fully restored to health/wholeness.  Therefore to them God [presently] permits [from The Deceiver, Satan] a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not have faith in The Truth (Jesus a and the truth He speaks to His sheep) but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”


However, after that dream I felt God’s sadness and pity, like when I watched my mom slip away with dementia into Alzheimer’s.  I felt deep pity.  Biden is in the process of dying and this is what’s naturally happening to a body starting to shut down.  The left knows it and is remote-controlling him like a drone.  Biden’s pride (like my mom’s) keeps him in delusional denial, and the left uses this to further control Biden, just like I saw some of the Nursing Home staff do to my mom.  It was so sad to watch the manipulation of my mom, who was only sometimes aware of it and would then get cranky (like Joe often does).  Joe doesn’t even know that he is driving the country backwards, even though he has caused accidents, likely more will happen, and that some of these will be even life-threatening to others and likely to himself.  But the left knows this!  I believe it is their plan -– he is dispensable to achieve their real plans.  He is a pawn and a puppet.  They want a radical progressive squad-member, socialist, woman president who had only 1% popularity in the primaries Harris (how is that the people’s choice?), or more likely Pelosi who is really pulling all the strings anyway and has already got the 25th amendment into the media awareness.  It was never intended to be used against Trump, but to get into to the media (and America’s sheep) consciousness to use later on Biden.


Now, this dream is even more powerful because last night before bed, God powerfully moved me to tears in the shower after I was complaining about evil & injustice in the world.  After my rant, God clearly said:  “Yes, Adam and Eve left Me, then sin entered the world, and since then every man and woman is sinning.”  I felt that same sad pity of God, not anger or judgment.  He told me to open up my fists of anger and control that hold onto fault and blame (judgment for sin – for failure) of myself – too many of my grand efforts, despite all my research, planning, and work, still fail.  After that God said to do the same for everybody else’s failures, especially those that I feel have wronged me in some way over 61 years – there have been many if I could remember them!  There are a lot of people who never studied to get A’s and never worked hard at work, but they were street-smart, knew how to cut in line, how to buy grades, how to cheat or take credit for others work, who knew how to brown-nose with the boss on the golf course, and who know how to play politics – and they really got ahead.  Ever since grade-school they have figured how to work the system!  And they are the ones running our country now! Incompetent “Peters” that all want to be Pope!  Not smart “Pauls” at all or compassionate Christ-like “Johns” either!  But hypocritical, virtue-signaling, morally bankrupt, godless people that are still playing their grade-school games to con people.


But God told me to open my fists and let it ALL go, and let God carry this heavy burden of “fairness and justice” that I am always complaining about – that there seems to be so little in this world.  That’s why the Lord told me these things:  “Sin is here in the world” – and so is “the ‘man’ of sin, the evil one, the father of lies, the master of delusion & deception, the prince & power of our air, the god of this world – Lucifer,” as Jesus reminded us.  And “all are sinning and thus falling short of the ‘mark or target’ of God’s glorious character,” as Paul reminded us in Romans 3:23.


I UNDERSTOOD, so I let it ALL go last night!  It’s no wonder that God gave me this dream!


God is sharing with me His pitiful, sorrowful feeling about this sinful man Joe Biden, a sinner among a world of sinners.  This is how God feels about us ALL – with great tears of sadness!  He reserves His judgment for The Last Day of time, right before eternity is decided then for each man.  Until then God has only unconditional love toward ALL men and wants all men to repent (turn around, pointing our ‘car’ in the RIGHT direction toward the Lord and His ways) in order to be saved by this same unconditional love thru His own sacrifice for our sins (by His Son) for all that “sin that has come into the world,” into our lives, that causes us ALL to delusionally drive backwards.


Now God has me praying for this pitiful Joe Biden (and his sinful staff) to wake up, see The Truth, and turn around before he/they hurt any more people and get himself/themselves killed too!


What a dream!  It’s so important to akouo hear, listen, and understand the prophetic rhema words of God!




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  1. Wow, intense dream, but the fruit is evident! Praise God for His mercy towards all of us! May they all repent so the enemy doesn’t even get one.

  2. Wow it’s as if I was speaking. I had this revelation so I sent in a donation as confirmation. I even had a discussion with my cousin on that word you got from God speaking. I said those words to her about the carpel tunnel syndrome she was having and the message it was presenting. Let go and let God. We also spoke of the nation and as a whole world on where sin is center stage to be healed if we allow.

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