2-5-21 Dream of having to back up a bit from too steep of a mountain

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I had a dream of 2 friends that took a lower, flatter, and safer dirt road on a tall mountain.  I took a higher, steeper dirt road and when I started down the back side of the peak I realized I would likely lose my footing, fall and die.  So I had to crawl back up that little portion on my belly, covered in dirt, clawing my way back up. ON the other side I could hear my friends below on the other road, so I backed up very carefully on my knees until I could find that turn off and join them.  I woke up before I did.


I didn’t get a chance to ask the Lord what this meant because I had to rush off to my chores.  I really should have!  Usually He tells me everything while I’m still trying to wake up, but I jumped out of bed to fast!



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