12-30-20 Jesus is the Referee named COMPARED – everything is inferior compared to Him

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I see a game being played and a referee with the name “COMPARED” on his back.  I asked, “To what?”  When I woke I saw the word “better,” which I knew the book of Hebrews obsessively used in 12 times.  Here, the Greek word kreíttōn is the the comparative form of krátos meaning “dominion, relative and manifested might, power, strength, vigor – used in the NT chiefly of God.”  Now I can see why God has a referee named “COMPARED.” It’s Jesus!  Kreitton means “what is better because it is more fully developed, i.e. in reaching the needed dominion (mastery, dominance), thus “better” after exerting the power needed to “plant down God’s flag of victory.”  Simply, it means “more dominant, better or nobler, more excellent, useful, serviceable, advantageous than what is kratos.


Like I said, kreitton “better” is used in Hebrews 12 times of:


1. The inferior blesses the superior

2. Jesus & his name over angels and their names

3. Christ’s Ministry over the OT ministry

4. His New Covenant over old covenant

5. Christ’s blood over that of Abel’s for justice

6. Heavenly sacrifices over OT sacrifices that are only shadows of the reality of Christ

7. NT Promises over old ones

8. Something for US over that for OT saints

9. NT Lasting inherited possessions over the OT

10. NT hope over OT Law

11. Our heavenly land over Israel’s promised land

12. Resurrection life over all other life



Jesus and what he brings is WAY BETTER than our English word “better” can convey.  Thank God, the NT was not written in English.  Our language is not even close in precision!




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